Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lulu Wishes PM Came From A More Rural School

Lulu came from a government aided school.
In Form 4, the non-exam year, we used a temporary building which was built from [i think] Sirim experimental materials. This building, fondly known as the "Cow Shed" floods when it rains. There were no proper walls from ceiling to ground, instead was a flimsy partition raised 1feet from the floor which did not reach the ceiling, and we could hear the class next door's lessons. I was seated along the wall which was facing the sun, and it was really hot there. One day, a rat ran across the building and maklumlah, it's a girl's school, so you could hear the screams from one class after another. In spite of our "suffering", it was a really fun time. I think it was the best year in my school life.
Mind you, this was an urban elite school.
From the time it was started, all the way up to today, the school has always sendiri raised money for whatever development project was needed. We always needed money, and we learnt from the start that we cannot depend on the government because we were a mission school. Our HM would go persuading the parents for funds, and we as students also raised funds for our building.

so, when Lulu saw this headliner in the star update yesterday, Lulu was flabbergasted.

The allocation under the 9th Malaysia Plan, he said, was for the construction of a hostel, teachers' quarters, a sports pavilion and a laboratory. A further grant of RM3.5mil would be used to carry out repair works on the 80-year-old school
RM23.5 million for just one school... isn't that a bit too much?
This is not just because my alma mater had to work our butts off for our school buildings, renovation and upkeep, but that amount of money for one school, just because the PM is an alumni?
Now, if MCA had done the math like Khoo Kay Peng [not of MUI but of StraightTalk] before going out thank the Minister for his consideration and generous allocation of RM2.1 million for Chinese Schools, he would have realised that it only works out to about RM22k for each of the 96 chinese schools.
And this BM High School suddenly gets a RM23.5mil durian runtuh.

And what about the independant/semi-aided schools which are in urgent need of repair? Has the money been disbursed, and the schools fixed, making it safe for the teachers and students?
Lulu doesn't want another family to have to lose their father like how MR Chan's family lost theirs.

source : do drop by the site. Lulu, with her limited Mandarin, read the posting 女儿:爸爸,我真的想见您一面! and shed a tear for the family.
ans this BM High School gets RM23.5 million?
and lastly, Lulu wishes PM came for a more rural school.
Dilapidated schools, especially those in Sabah and Sarawak will be replaced. The Government is also aware that 1,598 schools in Malaysia do not have piped water and 809 schools do not have 24-hour electricity supply.
Therefore RM1.15 billion is allocated to improve and enhance rural school facilities, primarily in Sabah and Sarawak.
PM's 9MP speech to Parliament
if he did, maybe some rural school would get the priority allocation for what is really needed, cos he'd be an alumni.
The people have constantly been told to tighten their belts,
police stations have no money for a more comfortable working environment
schools have no allocation for upkeep,
and this one school gets RM23.5million? not to say they don't deserve anything, but couldn't the allocation been given more based on need rather than want?


Anonymous said...

BM has read 'Animal Farm' and has decided to adapt the pigs' theory -- "All schools are equal but some schools are more equal than others".

Anyway, if his wife or daughter had been alumni of your mission school, he would not hesitate to spend RM30 million there. Even all your school's toilets would be air-conditioned.

Anonymous said...

too much for a saturday~~~my chain smoking will intensify~~~some alcohol is needed..the zen green tea fails to calm with this new revelation~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Lulu for her hallmark perseverant capacity and endurance in analysing the details of all Bolehland's equivocating claims.

I can't really do that, nausea would've seen to that at the onset...because the conclusion is already a known and invariable fact.


toniXe said...

My god, he is running the talk alright. I thought he dun remember nothing ?

he can even remember he went to school ! haha

( btw is that corruption or what ?)

Bernard said...

Hey!! That's my school!! :-)

It was the biggest school in Penang state then. With the highest student and teacher population. Dunno about that status now.

Betul ke RM20 million?