Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lulu Visit Malaysia Y2007 Quiz

Why was Visit Malaysia launced on the 6th day into the new year instead of the very forst day?

a) Fengshui master said that the all the days prior to the 6th was a black day. And to avert the bad luck, you would have to go buy a golden toad from WOFS. Unfortunately, they have run out of the 60m golden frog, so, have to tunggu until the 6th

b) UMNO glamour boys are busy making their presence felt in Batu Talam after 2 1/2 years of absence, and the not so glamour ones have to still be at the flood centers even though the reporters have left

c) The Eye was still 20,000 unassembled mechanical parts, still on the ground

d) Bapa Mertua was err....not on our tanah tumpahnya darah ku.

Lulu caught a bit of the siaran langsung on TV1.
Lulu thought that it was a bit strange for the host to make his speech in Malay when there were foreign dignataries and probably tourists around.

It got worse.

When it was time to get onto the ferry to take you to the Eye, the MC announced something like, "Could the Foreign Dignataries please be patient as the Prime Minister and His Cabinet make their way to the Eye on Malaysia?"

erhm.... that was totally un-hospitable for us to ask the foreign guest to wait while FIL and his kaki bodeks go on their joyride?

Per the Berita Harian, "Hadir sama pada majlis itu ialah Menteri Kabinet, Menteri Besar, Ketua Menteri, duta serta pesuruhjaya tinggi asing dan kira-kira 500 wartawan asing yang dibawa khas."

Lulu was taught to treat her guests well. Shower them with attention. Pamper them.
Definetly a no-no to go on a joyride first cos got priority and ask them to wait.
Maybe the way they were brought up was different from Lulu's.
Or they forgot all the good virtues their mums taught them.

doesn't this bernamapic kinda look like what Lulu illustrated in the previous entry?


Anonymous said...

Flowery prints on man's traditional bajus make them middle agers and old men all look very much like ah pors of a past generation. They never get it - that men don't look greak in flowery things....the finer and grander the material, the worse.


toniXe said...

all these, for 200 million bucks....I weep 4 u Malaysia

lucia said...

they should have a MC who talked in our national language AND in english too - the universal language. i find it very silly of them, why not only in this instance, they have only bahasa e.g. signs in airport, post office (places where tourists do go for info) are only in bahasa.