Friday, January 26, 2007

Lulu thought the guys in KMU are really clued in

at first, Lulu thought the guys in KMU are really clued in.

This appeared on their forum on Wednesday. Lulu didn't dare to blog it as it still required verification.

Then in today's Star,
Publisher of guidebook gets stop print order
KUALA LUMPUR: The Tourism Ministry has directed the publishers of the Malaysia Tourist Pages 2007 to stop printing the remaining copies of the guidebook as it contains suggestive advertisements.
The directory in the Yellow Pages section had four full colour advertisements that offered professional and traditional massages.
One of the advertisements stated that the VIP professional massage for foreigners was available 24 hours in Genting Highlands, Bukit Tinggi, Port Dickson and the Klang Valley, while another was about a woman “At your Door within minutes – ccall anytime”.
like "wow! these kmu fellas are really clued in"
re-reading KMU's post, Lulu realised that the sumber is Buletin Utama TV3 8.45 malam 23hb Januari 2007. chey....
Now Lulu wondering, did KMU also hear about the PM Abdullah Beli Pesawat VIP Baru Berharga RM 200 juta from a Buletin Utama expose?


A Voice said...


I regularly visit KMU. YOu must be able to identify the character of each nic. Not all can be idetified as "guys/gals of KMU". It is open to oppositions, non Malay members, and every possible personality from conservative to anarchist.

The poster of that message, syah is one that regularly lashing for he is an "outsider". He is known to be disruptive. THis must be the Menteri Pelacuran Malaysia thread.

They guys of KMU are known to break-in news and informations. Lets not be deceived by language and style of writing. They are fairly educated and good positioned deep throats in there.

Anonymous said...

a voice, if you have the time and disposition, can you check out which other countries devote an entire air force squadron to ferrying VIPs around?

Discounting such bourgeois countries as SA or UAE,e.g., I think it doubtful that any first world countries openly put with such an arrangement on tax-payers' money. A banana republic also may,though. but could they have this many exotic executive jets?