Friday, January 05, 2007

Lulu Thinks One Man's Fresh Wind is Another Man's Fart

lulu warning - the post below may make you puke, so, read at your own risk.Abdullah brings a fresh wind to Malaysia

so says Umno Information chief Senator Tan Sri Muhammad Muhamad Taib, also known for
1. being a former Selangor mentri besar,
2. ex-husband of Tengku Zahariah, daughter of the previous Sultan of Selangor
3. exiting Australia with AUS$1mil in his suitcase.

ANyway, this kaki bodek praised Bodoh-we for
1. bringing much openness and transparency to his administration
2. establishing greater rapport with world leaders on the international stage
3. creating this new climate which has spurred the economy, more so with new growth corridors and sectors created
4. for being very firm in determining the direction of the country.

yes, this very man,
brings fresh "wind" to Malaysia


Anonymous said...

what a 'windy' PM...brings fresh new climate...BUT STAR FRONTPAGE SAYS A STORM IS BREWING....

what is the mainstream media trying to tell us???????????????

but i agree maybe they MEANT 'air' as in HOT AIR....

but he brought us MONSOOOOOON CUPPPPPZ. also WIND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

or isit a CODE....PM WILL WIN(D) (A)FRESH?

lulu, where is PM????????

itz all very we have our own "EYE" -- is this the eye of the storm that the wind is bringing?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that he has been farting continously for 3 long years and the newspapers still publish his farts. And I think he farts while he is snoozing as shown in your nice lil' photograph of him(at his work table in Putrajaya?)

Anonymous said...

What was that onetime Nescafe jingle? Aha, "Love nad marriage, you can't have one without the other another"

Similarly, fart and taik, you can't have one without the other.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Lulu,
Your good friends BM & his SIL aren't too happy over your less-than-appreciative appraisals of their 'services' to the country. They will be overjoyed to get you transferred to Kolej Kamunting during the coming Ops Lalang II, where no blogging activity is allowed.

This is one of the fringe benefits for living in a great farting democracy like bolehsia

mob1900 said...

Coolest pic ever!

What A Lulu said...

the pic was from the site akramsyah considers as The Real Umno Youth

Anonymous said...

From the elegant pic, one can see for oneself why there is always 'elegant silence' from that 'elegant gentleman' who is always busy catching his elegant 40 million winks. Wonder what his former teachers do to him when he took that elegant posture in the middle of lessons in class? Go to any Malaysian school and you can find many students following his elegant example, especially in the end classes.