Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lulu Thinks It's A Sad-Sad Day for Batu Talam

and it's not because of the death of their state assemblyman.

Lulu has always thought that the fastest way an assemblyman can bring progress to his constituency is to die while in office.

It's amazing, those by-election effort to please the voters.
Road are suddenly paved
Drainage cleared
People who have been squatters are immediately given TOL
Sudden influx of investment
[lulu not enough sleep, so, these are the immediate ones lulu can think of]

The goody bag which comes with these by-elections are simply amazing!

So, guess it's a sad-sad day for the Batu Talam constituency today.

No one is interested in their area.

To be fair to the opposition, Lulu doesn't think they're chickening out. PAS may have lost by 2,7+ votes the last round, but in the election before that, the majority was only 751. There is a fighting chance, but they've decided to stay out as they have concerns over the electoral votes and the abuse of postal votes.

With this in mind, the disbursement of the goody bag would most probably end.
And the 12,000 volunteers they were planning to send to Batu Talam to talk to the 10,000 voters? dunno? Go join Sharizat in Johor to help the flood victims?

gosh, it's now a free seat for UMNO. no need to worry about losing face if you lose the seat cos no one's contesting it.

Who is going to get this free seat?
Would the candidate list suddenly see a new inclusion, and they give the seat to the "poor" governing chap who is not in government?
afterall, the poor chap is already 30 and not in any official positions, whereas at this age, DPM was already a Menteri Besar.

What a failure....!


Anonymous said...

PAS and PKR decided to boycott Batu Talam because they felt that they do not have a fighting chance against an unfair voting system such as the non-transparent postal votes and the 'doctored' electoral roll. A loss there would give umno much to crow about before the comming GE, sure to be held before the big murder trial in March 2008.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good move by PAS and PKR as the seat holder will now be known as another pariah who won uncontested.

re mr wannabe politician who holds no official position, yes he should at least be a political secretary or something. oh well, this is only a state seat, too small for our ambitious oxford boy.

actually, i support and respect khairy to a certain extent. but his greatest failure so far has to be the fact that he holds no official govt position. maybe starting as muhyddin's press sec or political sec then he wouldn't be under such scrutiny.

also, it doesnt appear that he is able to garner grassroots support with his power mainly coming from Pak Lah. so, he should try to get REAL support, not the bought type, like the type Anwar has.

carboncopy said...

My 2 cents:

General Election is coming. Spend money and fight for this seat and have it get thrown away (assuming Oppo wins) in (possibly) a few months or a year time?

Just my 2 cents.