Monday, January 29, 2007

Lulu Swears Off Buying NST

Yesterday, Lulu did a search on the NST.

NST search engine normally archives news more than a week, meaning you will only get to see the article if it appeared within the week.

for eg, do a search on Badawi, and you will get this

14 entries, with the earliest from the 25th of Jan 07.

if you want to see beyond that, it requires paid subscription.

As Lulu was saying, yesterday, Lulu did a search on "Ooi" to check their coverage on the pending lawsuits, and was surprised by NST's generosity

Did you see the first entry?

It's actually from 2nd March 2006. Which is not a norm for NST search engine.

Maybe it's a mistake, an oversight.

Or maybe someONE being mean and allowing this piece of news to remain and the management does not know about it.

Or maybe fourONEs are being mean and trying to make the guy they are suing (don't know the technical term) look bad.

I dunno. But after this very distasteful incident, I really, genuinely swore off buying NST. Lulu confession - I actually enjoy reading the NST on Saturdays and Sundays as they have invited columnist speak up. I will miss it, but as long as this piece of nastiness is there, Lulu's not giving them RM2.40/week.

Lulu hopes that it's just a mistake or one persons nastiness, and that someone from NST reads this posting and in good conscience and all fairness, normalise the search rules again, or allow for the later acticles, if any, which Lulu thinks would reveal that the "anwar" incident was a non-issue.

if you want a bit more insight on the "Anwar" incident, read the discussion and debate on PPS. WalkWIthUs also provides some background to the incident.


mob1900 said...

Use aNgSTy only when you want to rebutt their false news reporting and 'spins'. They have reduced themselves to the lowest dept of journalism, thanks to their current 'blightership'.

freelunch2020 said...

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!

that's really bad...well done LULU!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't touch it with a ten-foot pole anymore, Lulu!

Mob, ever since the word "New" was added to the Straits Times upon acquisition, it has been an all out noosepaper. Now, apparently, all the intelligent and astute youngsters too are awakening to this fact and kicking the habit and will be puking no more.

In Bolehland, the word "New" has consistently taken on a devious and gimmicky meaning. Pioneered and powered by u-know-hoo! And somethings cannot vary in the invariable spin oriented system.


Maverick SM said...

Mistakes? em....maybe...not!!!!

team BSG said...

lets face it. what is there in NST that I cannot get anywhere else down the backStreet ?

its leftover food.

kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
You actually used your hard-earned money to buy the junk ??.....ooooo....Go donate the money to charity...its a lot better for your soul..

Anonymous said...

lulu, if u want to read the editorial columns, can't u read from the online, and save your rm 2.40/week?