Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lulu Wishes Someone Would Take Raja Zarith's Advice

"Give them and the others the RM52m,

the cost of the KL fireworks.

How can we be without conscience or guilt?
What is there for the poor to celebrate?"

Raja Zarith in her update to MM on Rantings


Anonymous said...

we just carry on with our lives.
burning $$$ while others drown.

Anonymous said...

Racism and the associated bathos cannot do the walk but is used to hobble all others outside the tribe.


Anonymous said...

Fireworks are needed to attract tourists to KL. Johor already has the world's largest water-themed park (10 times the size of Singapore!) with gondolas and motorboats to attract tourists, so no need for fireworks there.

As for the flood victims, they will vote the BN in again the next general elections, since Johor is a BN stronghold.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon 12:48 PM, I expect they will too, hence fulfilling the old saying that a people deserve the government they get. A meteorite hit may be called for in order to change their craven mindset.


ksq said...

this merely confirm the fact that these ppl think with the wrong head.

they could hv celebrated VMY at the stroke 1/1/07 at the very touristy KLCC (with fireworks anyway) and saved the RM52m.

worst is, this is exactly the same head now in discussion with Uncle Sam on FTA. wrong move and RM52m is peanut. panadol anyone?

lucia said...

i never like fireworks for a fact that it is a total waste of money. literally burning of money. pop pop goes the fireworks and everyone goes 'oohh...ahhh', then nothing!! all within a minute or so.

btw lulu, i had tag you with the '6 things weird about me' meme. hope you don't mind doing it. you have to remember to copy the rules.