Monday, January 01, 2007

Lulu ke Mulu but Somebody Else Who Should Be Around

is abroad.

Lulu in true Malaysia spirit did a cuti-cuti Malaysia to support the government's effort for
unfortunately, the leader of the nation, Mr Jangan Tiru Macam Saya, who will officially launch Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2007, on 6 Jan, chose to go abroad for HIS holiday.
kinda stupid isn't it?
Lulu just can't get over it.
not that Lulu wants something bad to happen to him, but somewhere deep in me, Lulu wishes that it was for some tragic illness screening which he requires testing abroad which compelled him to go, so that in Lulu's eyes and all Malaysian's eyes, he will not be perceived as an insensitive, couldnotbebothered, selfish old man.
for now, Lulu is left to feel so truly amazed at how can he make such a stupid decision to go abroad for his holiday in spite of VMY2007, the end of an old year and the beginning of the new year compounded with the heartbreaking floods happening around our country.


Anonymous said...

VMY 2007 (not to mention the "natural" 2- Tier price system). Get used to being fleeced (or don't come!).

Just because other surrounding countries are often praticing this makes that truly acceptable....a sound local and truly M'sian 'logic'.


What A Lulu said...

it's actually 3 tiered
Tier 1 - local local
Tier 2 - local tourist
Tier 3 - foreign tourist

Anonymous said...

Lulu, I stand corrected! ;)

"Katuk", is a local tradition and like all local traditions, gets revered in this particularly culturally enslaved society.


Anonymous said...

Actually it's like entrapment for especially foreign tourists...when they find out about the local fleecing , it's already too late, being thousands of miles away from home. Wonder how many of them truly(being so made of money)and cheerfully accept the given deal. One time killing in easy $$$.

Nobody is documenting, of course. Travel agencies, airlines and local government have too much at stake in promoting their own interests in the pie - and easy money.

Hence we don't hear about conspiracy theories in this area.


team BSG said...

just like in de other things these morbidly obese kids do, everything their fatty fingers touch turns invariably to gold ( err I mean fools' gold )

until today stupid us still dunno where 2 get the VMY07 booklet ( actually got or not ?)

VM2LOL !visit malaysia to laugh out loud

Anonymous said...

Visit M'sia and get milked nicely ye cash cows and get bull shit for souvenir!

Has anyone been able to find in MGG's archive where he once mentioned, some years ago, how MAS charged RM100(USD $26) for a plate of nasi lemak that should cost less than RM3(USD $0.80)?


Anonymous said...


"RETURNING from Malaysia, 37 Taiwanese tourists who were unhappy with Malaysia Airlines' (MAS) services, refused to get off the plane after it landed in Kaoshiung, Taiwan.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the passengers, who arrived at Kaoshiung at 6.25pm on Tuesday, refused to disembark despite appeals from the flight

They insisted on seeing MAS manager Ma Zi Wei, who later managed to persuade them to disembark by promising that he would convey their unhappiness to the airlines' headquarters.

According to tour leader Yet Heng Xu, the tourists were to have left
Terengganu at 11am on Monday but the flight was delayed until 9.10pm.

She said that ....."

Note the comments. Sorry, can't shorten the link - Net resource squeeze condition.