Friday, January 19, 2007

Lulu Hopes PM Not Like Lulu

Currently, Lulu is kinda involved in an incident investigation in my office. Something was stolen around the New Year break, and this lulu [very hardworking] had come into the office on the 1st and 2nd Jan even though it was a public holiday.
The "investigators" were examining Lulu, asking Lulu which day did she see who when she was in the office.
You have to understand, Lulu is blur as a sotong and has the memory of a sieve. AND Lulu was in her office [i have my own room], working very hard. I know I saw someONE on one of those days, but can't remember which. They must have been thinking, "what a lulu!"
My mum is convinced that Alzheimers is hitting me already.

IN today's Malaysiakini, PM told the reporters that he does not remember taking any loans.

All Lulu can say is that Lulu hopes that his memory is not failing him, like how Lulu's is failing hers.
further reading at Malaysia Today


toniXe said...

Hey R U serious ?

Otherwise I am tempted to say,

ya only in Malaysia ! Takboleh!

Anonymous said...

You can bet his memory is not failing him just like his face is not the same as Lulu's. And you can also bet that his idiotic face is just a cover for something sinister going on in his mind.

Anonymous said...

"I have not been informed", now morphed into "I don't recall"?

Boy, oh boy! Cannot appoint an FM, ah?