Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lulu Has NEVER Felt Safer In Sunway Before

gosh... hopefully, the tourists at Sunway Hotel is feeling as protected as Lulu
Lulu firmly belives that a signed contract, no matter how disgustingly lopsided it is, has to be honoured.
ACA may have to step in and investigate the company, her shareholders and their relationship and provision for donations to certain political parties.
The contract stands, but if there were any hanky-panky, those involved must be brought to justice.
And that we learn from this.
The big question for Lulu now is, What are the terms for the Kemuning - Shah Alam Highway toll road which was given out without any tender?


Anonymous said...

wow. so safe. so how now. protest already. so what will happen?

re vmy of course la, they trying to turn malaysia into UK/LONDON..kan ini KJ dari oxford, jadi dia gila glamour ini yachting dari monte carlo and london eye la..tapi dekat situ...peter mandelson kena KAU KAU for his LONDON DOME n had to resign mandelson resigned cos HE TOOK LOAN from a LORD...then Blair put him in some diplomatic position in EU comission

maybe KJ ini, fan mandelson ke??

carboncopy said...

Aik, didn't see big red ribbon at Sunway. :)

Anonymous said...

You are quite right that once a contract is signed, parties are bound. It is utterly disappointing that BN and/or its lawyers was/were negligent. However, should we settle with that? That the contract therefore stands? What if the contract is incongruent/against with public interests, like perhaps in this case? What if one could show that there if fraud in the contract? Think TianChua had done the rakyat a great favor by exposing the contract. Let's hope that some of the best legal brains in our country would investigate into the contract. BN perhaps needs to be pressured to put to task to get its act together and sort out the contract. The rakyat must not be made to pay for its negligence.