Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lulu Has Had No Profesional Training

in doing graphics with Paint, or any other lukis gambar software. so, *cross finger* just as you have forgiven William Hung and enjoyed his singing, please sit back and enjoy my artwork.
I think most of you have heard about the RM30mil rush job eye over KL.
Lulu was wondering, as she blogs this, the PM is probably, hopefully, on his ride in the Eye.

They would need a shot of the PM giving his thumbs up for this project.
But how, if it tiba-tiba jam, tak boleh gerak in mid-air?

What is the contingency plan? What is the plan for damage control?
hmm... considering that this is a projek kerajaan Malaysia, projek bersama Barisan Nasional, maybe they can get all the syncophants to tarik the wheel.

excuse Lulu please. Getting a bit corny today.


Anonymous said...

Not bad cartooning Lulu, with only MS Paint. ;) Message is clear enough.

No professional training actually required. Just interest and persistence - all the know how is available on line via the huge Internet resources.


Anonymous said...

good one.
tarik the wheel ke.

chief cook, BSG said...

Ehh the thing can take the combined loads of the honorable Tourism Minister and his deputy or not ?

After all yr wheel does look very flimsy ( dats because u drew it realistically) and they are , well, singly and jointly morbidly obese, u know what I mean ?

hahaha what a laught for today thank you !

desiderata said...

corny, or isit horny? Both are goode!
caught half naked in midair -- Emperor in awe his glory, Malaysia Cemerlang, Gemilang & ......*lang! (*Guess what's in t e blank!:) and you may get a watch as the price.
GreAt cartoons, hope RTElm notices and pays thee wellA. I know ZAM a byte, wanna me as PR? 30% onli...:(

mob1900 said...

cartoon = ok
joke = 100 marks!

Josh said...

Malaysia Kiasu. Singapore wanted to do it, but Malaysia wanted it first. So, its probably haphazard in implementation. With words like "maintenance" and "civic-mindedness" not found in the local vocabulary, i fear those paying RM15 in a year's time maybe in for the ride of their lives.