Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lulu Don't Know What "thrifty" the Government is Preaching and Practising

Has it been that long ago?
Do thrifty attempts include leasing jets? Lulu knows the argument is that it is "cheaper" than actually buying the plane.

But arent there other options?
doing the mere mortal thing of riding first class,
doing the working class option, going ecconomy
or even
horrors the everyone can fly option?


kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
Actually the Malaysian government already owns a 737-700 executive jet, with very similar technical specs to the new Airbus A319. Delivered in 1997, it probably has only a fraction of the mileage of a normal jetliner. Provided it was properly maintained, it should still be in excellent condition.
I don't know about the interior, maybe not "high-class" enough for AAB's taste, so he wants a new plane.
Even the British PM often flies on commercial flights, albeit first class. For major official trips they charter a British Airways plane. Still cheaper than owning and operating the jet.

Anonymous said...

A airline passenger jet has an average service life of 18 years.

The Fokker F-28 (an especially lousy plane to maintain) in the fleet in RMAF No. 2 Squadron. is a dinosaur but no word about dumping that for uneconomical reason. Only adding more planes and getting free servicing from tthe Air Force on public fund from the late fifties on the formation of the RMAF.

Which other country devote an entire air force squadron towards servicng the VVIPs? And which modern country uses "VVIP" terminology because "VIP" just isn't grand enough for them - they must make a distinctive classification between and overpopulation of elites.

As usual the MSM will proclaim the inane "imperial edicts" to the public, treating them like they were born yesterday. A double insult in toto.


Anonymous said...


i din read papers today but WHAT A CARTOON PHOTO of the PM + DPM checking their watches!!!!

PM: does this work?
DPM: not quite sure..u reflect the diamonds against the sun or nearest light and the shadows will tell the time i think...


penny wise, pound foolish?? is that the saying?

why don't he use the $$$ for the jet to motivate the civil servants with a much needed pay rise?

Anonymous said...

Thrift is prescribed for others, indulgence reserved for themselves(and extended family). Has always been this way. And the MSM (by default, implicitly)applauds the hopeless platitudes like there's no tomorrow and that we were born yesterday.

And wrt the related bankruptsy of ideas(and morals), here's a nice one from

" Comment of the Day

From Zewt:

go to ah long... borrowers' fault.... kena snatch theft... victim's fault... camera shot upskirt... girls fault.... toll increase .... road users fault.... tanah runtuh... god's fault... never their fault... ti* ni* s*ng "



Anonymous said...

Looking at his watch, the DPM was just reminding the PM of the time left before he has to relinquish his post. And thereby goes the pipedream of SIL stepping into his BM's shoes.

team BSG said...

2 clowns on the drivers seat.

thats because they r da best we have !

the others are worse ( like toyo )

Billy said...

The President of the most powerful nation in the world (USA) stays in a building that is centuries old. The prime minister of UK lives and works in a roadside apartment. But our prime minister must have a palace to live and work in. By right to match his words, AAB should not have move into PutraJaya no matter what the circumstances may be. He should have moved into the old pm residence in KL instead. While the prime minister of UK flies commercial, ours must have two private planes, AND A YATCH!?!? And now these jokers are telling us to be thrifty????

Anonymous said...

And the blind ex Home Minister of Britain, David Blunkett had to resign over power abuse by misusing his official car and jumping the queue at the immigration line for his mistress.

You can tell that it's that unabashed primeval ego that banana republics cannot wean themselves away from. The shallow vanities sought to aggrandise self, regardless. This only can happen because the some people themselves subscribe and support that prideful but hollow display....because their sense of values is just as shabbily low and superficial. Speaks much about culture but displays only feudal shallowness.