Monday, January 15, 2007

Lulu Does Some Re-Thinking

This was one of the letters sent to the NST, and in the Sunday edition, there were at least 2 references to it made in the Editorial.

MY relatives were directly hit by the recent floods phenomenon in Kota Tinggi, Johor. They were thankful that they received a bun each for dinner, but for breakfast the next day, a plate of plain fried rice was given to feed a family of five or six. At 2pm that same day, there was no sign of lunch. Frantic parents were told that there wasere food at a hall a few kilometres away, being prepared in abundance there in preparation for the visiting dignitaries.
After reading this, Lulu thinks that unless the politikus are there to really turun padang, get their hands dirty and eat after all the others have eaten, forget it. Don't go there and disrupt everything just for some cheap publicity shots. Maybe monitoring from afar ain't that bad after all....

This picture was from the frontpage of the NST.
Sober isn't it, the thought of having to abandon your home, to be re-placed into a new place which you have no control over and waiting for the food truck to come, not knowing if there is enough food for your children's stomach.
It's easy to appear magnanimous when there is enough, but what happens when there is not enough?
Would you push your way to the front?
How much more of this can you endure?
What can we do to help them not to reach this breaking point?


mob1900 said...

Puteri Nasi-Kandar, 'A Meal Fit a Princes' is a MUST on the these menus on the dignitaries.

The rest will get sugar cane import from Cebu when the Nasi-Kandar Premier comes back.

Anonymous said...

The govt must stop bullshitting about Malaysia having First World infrastructure-- it is only having a stinking unwanted Water Park where the inhabitants are subsisting on only a meal a day. Compared to news reports of famine in Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia ect, I fear Malaysia is joining those countries less than 50 years after merdeka.

Anonymous said...

It's almost naturally pre-ordained that if a governance can pursue racism indiscriminately(purportedly to address social inequality) successfully into an apartheid situation that elitism will follow hot in its footstep to reinforce the elites' social position and the privileges that go with it. The craze and rush for (purchaseable)titles are openly indicative of this state of affair.

GIGO with lies and political correctness submerge the whole System. It's not something that is surprising.


Anonymous said...

so sad. it's hard for help (food/volunteers/medical supplies) to get to the victims too with all the road closures.

also, sad but i've heard that workers are rude esp to non-malays.

Joshua said...

What can be done to address this social malady? Perhaps when we have true freedom of the press, when the newspapers are not controlled by BN or when there is no requirement for the annual renewal of licence for publications (created by Mahathir). Perhaps then we can see real pictures and stories of suffering untold and the manner in which the politicians turn up to pose and pretend.

Anonymous said...

Your good friend SIL is up to something fishy again--

toniXe said...

There u go , proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the politicians we voted into office are selfish and only look after themselves. QED.