Thursday, January 18, 2007

for Rocky and Jeff, from Lulu with love

pic from who else but kickdefella

Lulu had a crisis on Tuesday night. or so she thought. NTV7 pre-empted Grey's Anatomy and showed the Golden Globe Awards instead. That was going to be the last Tuesday night that Lulu'd be at home in a long, long time as Lulu's Tuesday Bible Study resumes next week. Hence the disappointment.

Little did Lulu know that on the same night, 2 men and their family were going through a crisis of their own. A real crisis, and one that would impact not only them, but also Lulu and fellow Malaysian bloggers.

The rumours have already been circulating since last week. Jeff Ooi got his last Thursday, and Rocky on Tues [ around the same time when Lulu was upset over no Grey's Anatomy.]

These are the papers that were served to Rocky.
They are being sued for libel.

Lulu hopes that they will keep their cool, and face this challenge with gusto and have a field day at court at the expense of the NSTP guys.

And Lulu will pray for you and your families. May God's grace be upon you.


yang amat berhormat said...

what about the families en rocky bru and en jeff ooi have jeapordized with their libellous and sometimes malicious comments? it is not fair to them also, kan?

lucia said...

the poster done by kickfella only shows rocky?

btw, i love grey's anatomy too. it's my fav. prog!

toniXe said...

maybe u should just post some gluttony food blogs 4 a while until this thing blows over. hahaha

What A Lulu said...

lucia, jeffooi's updated today, courtesy of kickdefella's latest poster.