Sunday, January 21, 2007

Economy Don't Look Good - Lulu To Venture Into Side Income?

Lulu mentioned last week that she went for a cupcake decoration class.
This was what we did in the class.
Lulu's cupcake hero is this lady in Singapore who goes by the nick Cupcake Momma. When Lulu gets to 75% of her standards, then maybe can do this for side income.
This is what Lulu's cupcakes look like now.
err... still not very pretty.
nope! CAN'T go into the cupcake business yet.
Until then, looks like Lulu continue to makan gaji, proceed with tightening her belt and "enjoy" the ride our PM is taking us on.


Anonymous said...

wow! she is the cupcake QUEEN man...:D yum yum~~~~

Anak Merdeka said...

Actually, your cupcakes look good to me. It's heavenly for icing lovers ;P

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu,
Not bad for a first try...keep going.
At the rate things are happening, we may all need to prepare a backup source of income soon....

Maverick SM said...

I like your cup cake... it resembles complexities and I agree that you should not get into this biz yet.LOL!!!!!!

mob1900 said...

Great idea,
depression time beater,
everyones needs cupcakes!

jacqui_woo said...

Hey Lulu,
I like your cupcakes - I think you can go into business NOW!

Anonymous said...

Suggests Lulu uses d PC graphic program to preplan appearance(like with colors and shape etc...) of her cupcakes. With a click or two, using some graphic filters like the free Harry's filter:

It, among other things, instantly shows how the cupcakes look with different possible color of icing etc. Or even better design entire cupcacake first on PC. No waste, no spill ;).


Anonymous said...

Very close, Lulu, ;). Comparing with say, :




Trisha Ratna said...

Ahh Lulu,you should have seen my initial attempts at frostings. It was horrid. Full stop.

Okay, who crowned me the Cupcake Queen? Where's my blardy tiara?! LOL

Trish aka Cupcake Momma

Bernard said...

Eh eh.. looks good mah.