Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Clean Sweep Ignatius Makes Lulu Think of Someone

CLEAN SWEEP IGNATIUS is about a Nigerian finance minister (Ignatius) looking for a solution to end all the corruption in his land.

an exerpt
FEW showed much interest when Ignatius Agarbi was appointed Nigeria's Minister of Finance. After all,the cynics pointed out, he was the seventeenth person tohold the office in seventeen years.
In Ignatius's first major policy statement toParliament he promised to end graft and corruption in public life and warned the electorate that no one holding an official position could feel safe unless he led a blameless life. He ended his maiden speech with the words, "I intend to clear out Nigeria's Augean stables."
Such was the impact of the minister's speech that it failed to get a mention in the Lagos Daily Times. Perhaps the editor considered that, since the paper had covered the speeches of the previous sixteen ministers in extenso, his readers might feel they had heard it all before.
Ignatius, however,was not to be disheartened by the lack of confidence shown in him, and set about his new task with vigour and determination.
Within days of his appointment he had caused a minor official at the Ministry of Trade to be jailed for falsifying documents relating to the import of grain. The next to feel the bristles of Ignatius's new broom was a leading Lebanese financier, who was deported without trial for breach of the exchange control regulations. A month later came an event which even Ignatius considered a personal coup: the arrest of the Inspector General of Police for accepting bribes - a perk the citizens of Lagos had in the past considered went with the job.
When four months later the Police Chief was sentenced to eighteen months in jail, the new Finance Minister finally made the front page of the Lagos Daily Times. A leader on the centre page dubbed him "Clean Sweep Ignatius", the new broom every guilty man feared. Ignatius's reputation as Mr Clean continued to grow as arrest followed arrest and unfounded rumours began circulating in the capital that even General Otobi, the Head of State, was under investigation by his own Finance Minister.

from Clean Sweep Ignatius, a short stroy found in Jeffrey Archer's A Twist in Tale or The 36 Collected Short Stories.

I read this a few years back before our very own Mr "Clean" was in vogue. Having read it again recently, I could not help thinking of Mr "Clean".

You could
0. Dust if off your bookshelf
1. Buy a brand new copy from the local bookstores
2. Buy a 2nd hand copy at Payless books [most of my collection comes from Payless]
3. Find a seat in MPH/Borders and read it there. It's a short story, should not take long to read it
4. Borrow from a friend
5. Call Lulu and pinjam from her

Have a good 2nd weekend. Lulu'll be in the office, trying to catch up on work.

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ideas incredible said...

cheh i thought it was a real news report initially and was so inspired....only to find out that....alas, it's anothe jeffrey archer classic...