Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wanna Help Lulu Fill In The Blank?

Wanna help Lulu fill in the last blank?
The janji tak akan naik harga lagi tahun ini is expiring soon.

What do you think?
Naik? Turun? No change?

The argument for no change would probably be that the government does not want to stir a hornets' nest and they can't come up with an intelligent reason for the public.

Turun would be cos the harga barrel has dropped since Feb when the price was going north and with the whiff of elections in the air, it's especially important to play good guy after having done so much bad.

So many arguments for it. Arguments only-ah, not necessary intelligent, but may have some truth in it.
we are already subsidising so much
cheapest in SEA not including Brunei
use the money to improve the transportation system
need the money to build the new un-tendered Istana
need the money to bayar the class F contractors for projects undertaken between the time of the UMNO General Assembly till year end
need RM500mil for some secret education project

so how? Dec 31st go petrol station isi tangki penuh-ah?
status quo?

Happy New Year.
Lulu knows it's been a shocking and depressing year, but we need to continue to work together to make a better Malaysia for the next generation.


ksq said...

lets not kid ourselves... forget about Turun.

team BSG said...

will not increase Jan07, but after CNY07. Bet u 1 Banana Leaf Rice at Paandi( with bittergourds + Big Prawns ).

I m not sure bout nex generation tho

Anonymous said...

Despite Abdullah's denial, General Elections might be held in 2007 and so no price increase in petrol until after that. Then not only petrol will go up, but everything under the sun, moon and stars.

Anonymous said...

When you see a friendly reception("we will study it") to the current call for pay increase wrt gomen servants, then election will be a 99% certainty.


RyeUrn said...

people say naik RM0.50 come January 07, New Year present together with toll hikes.

LRT breaksdown all the time. I'm cycling to work.

lucia said...

ya it's all the way naik naik nail (or rarely status quo) never turun of course.

lulu, you are lucky. with blogspot, can access blog, can blog. me using wordpress and server hosted in USA, so difficult to access my blog. gonna suffer withdrawal syndrome soon if can't get to blog. arggh!!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas lulu,

me thinketh and will put my money on erm....................


Headlines will scream Petronas wells DRY !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucia, perhaps this Indian proxy server may work for you too:

Slow, but better than not working, to access your blog.