Saturday, December 23, 2006

Then Lulu think-think...THINK

At the PPP Youth Wing Convention held last week, SIL made a few references regarding the government, much like as if he were a part of the government.

Deputy Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin said he was all for the open atmosphere, where government policies and leaders could be criticised by the media and where issues could be discussed, but warned that there were certain limits that needed to be adhered to.
Khairy said the government could revert to a more controlled atmosphere if certain people chose to abuse this freedom. He hoped the few people who were bent on testing the limits would not be too extreme, as this would prompt restrictions.
petikan dari NST

Lulu, like many other bloggers, felt kinda disgusted that he was talking as if he is a part of the goverment.

To quote a response posted on PPE, clk said...
Someone who is not a full fledged politician (i.e. MP, Cabinet Member, Senator or Local Councillor) can say so much without having to account to anyone except for members of his own political party (which btw does not represent the population given its composition).I wonder where and how he got the right to speak with such authority!
[btw, his position in UMNO was actually brokered in, not voted in. Like that also he dare not take the challenge. cis! cis!]

Then Lulu think-think...
and think-think some more....
[Lulu slow thinker. that's why these thoughts and this posting comes one week after his speech.]
And then Lulu recalls all the warnings given by DrM, MGGPillai and even the Khairy Chronicles.
Horrors! Yikes! Eureka! It's probably true.
Whilst this budak belum kering hingus is not part of the government, do not think that he is not governing the nation.
and in case you are slow like Lulu and takes some time to digest the double negative, let Lulu rephrase it
The budak belum kering hingus may not be a part of the government, but that is not stopping him from governing the nation.
so, don't play-play with him


Shawn Tan said...

haha... i just love your writing style!!

lucia said...

the budak belum kering hinugs doesn't have to be part of the gomen since by virtue of him being the son-in-law of the you-know-who, gives him the right like he IS part of the gomen.

Anonymous said...

Besides the characteristic hubris and narcissism of the tribal "jaguh kampong" arrogance, what else are they renown for?