Friday, December 08, 2006

Lulu Wondering the Implications Of Rayappan's Case

1. if
“Fakta yang mengatakan Rayappan bukan Islam melebihi keterangan yang mendakwanya seorang Islam. Dengan itu, Mais menarik balik kes ini daripada mahkamah dan tidak akan membuat sebarang tuntutan.
source : Berita Harian
does this mean that there is hope for ALL to live out Article 11 in their lives?

(1) Tiap-tiap orang adalah berhak menganuti dan mengamalkan ugamanya dan, tertakluk kepada Fasal (4), mengembangkan ugamanya.


ksq said...

at last... good sense prevail. BUT!!! don't take this as a blanket approval for all 'Rayappans In Love'. hands off from that hitam manis sitting next to your table... for now.

Anonymous said...

To ksq :
What happens if that hitam manis (or for that matter hitam masam) could not keep her hands off you?

nyonyapenang said...

to anonymous: then let the joget begin.

ksq said...

To anonymous casanova:
do what uncle rayappan has tought us to do. go figure.

Anonymous said...

i asked an 'expert' but apparently this is not precedent setting cos it was not settled/ruled in court

as in, the constitutional dilemma still stands due to our 'done-so-much-for-the-country-
of-civil-society' ex-PM, DrM's
compulsive meddling in amending
everything that is legal in our country.

i believe lina joy's case in the
federal court will be the precedent
setting case.

this was a 'govt still cares' move,
again demonstrating that our
ministers act like feudal lords
with no regard for proper channels
and laws to resolve these matters.

Anonymous said...

Yes FreeLunch, the old man was responsible for much of what happens now. Yet, despite placing this Rayappan's case into the hands of the AG, it is unclear whether the present PM gave his own unseen wink to the zealots too. Because of the far reaching implication involved(for Lina Joy, e.g.), the matter aooears still unsettled. Some ppl will not give up so easily.


team bSG said...

got hope oni if DAP takes Power