Monday, December 18, 2006

Lulu Wanna Tell You About Virgin Galactic

Have you ever bought something just to get your hands on the free gift? Like sometimes, the spaghetti comes with a free long plastic container, and you buy the spaghetti for the sake of the container. Or like during Moon Cake Festival, you purposely buy 4 mooncakes so that you can get the pretty box?

Sometimes, Lulu wonders if we sealed the deal for the Russian aircrafts just so that we can do this Malaysia Boleh project to space in conjunction with our nation's 50th Merdeka.
for context : According to Agriculture Ministry parliamentary secretary Rohani Abdul Karim, when asked in Parliament, said the programme was provided free of charge as part of an offset programme for the purchase of Sukhoi fighter aircraft from Russia.

Lulu was reading one of those perempuan magazines last night. I forgot which one, but they featured Neiman Marcus's Christmas Catalog. One of the gifts really got my attention.

Yup! A package for 6 to space!

The chartered trip to space, for example, which sends six passengers 63 miles above the Earth via Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, costs a bit more than $1.7 million. Once those passengers return to terra firma, however, they get to indulge in an all-inclusive four-night stay on Virgin Chairman Richard Branson's private retreat in the British Virgin Islands

If only our government had known...

if only they had browsed through the Neiman Marcus catalogue...

if only they had checked out Branson's Virgin Galactic website ...

then they could have gotten a better cost on the fighter aircrafts not being so blinded by the freebie

and also send 6 [instead of just seorang] to space.

and the training would not be as intense and boring and aimless as blogged by our angkasawans

and being part of Branson's playground, Lulu can only guess that the food would be much better.

and with 6 invites, they'd be able to give 1 of the tickets to a representative of Umno Youth too. #1 a bit too old, so who knows.. maybe the youth #2 could have had an opportunity to go to space.

and we could even make it muhibbah. bring along 1 Malay, 1 Chinese, 1 Indian, 1 Orang Asli, 1 Bumi Sabah/Sarawak, and 1 UmnoPutera.

if only they'd known....

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with the better food, no need to experiment with space teh-tarik la