Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lulu Travel Advisory for VMY 2007

if you are a female foreigner visiting Malaysia, please do not try to assimilate with the Malaysian culture.
The danger of it is that you may be mistaken as a local woman.

with reference to the midnight harrasement by on an elderly American couple in Langkawi two months ago,
“Some locals saw the woman wearing sarong and thought that a khalwat (close proximity) had occurred at the apartment. It turned out that the woman was the wife. "

source : believe it or not, the article is titled "Don’t believe all news reports"


Anonymous said...

Local islanders could not tell an oriental from an occidental?!

Stupid fib followed up with mindless irony wrt newspaper' report. Boleh bodokkan U?


What A Lulu said...

she was a middle aged angmoh!

Anonymous said...

Bodohland's politicians have gagged the Press for so long that they really believe their own propaganda since the later always convey their pronouncements uncritically. Hence the resorting to tall tales of this ludicrous sort. Getting spoilt thus makes for gross stupidity.

Even if she had a full suntan from travelling in a yacht it is inconceivable that one cannot distinguish an angmoh from a local.