Monday, December 11, 2006

Lulu Prefers To Get Hands Dirty and Become Own Boss?

Datuk Lim Bee Kau (BN-Padang Serai) posed a supplementary question on why there were not many non-Malays in the civil service.

As usual, there was the la-dee-da-da about how non-Malays prefer to be their own boss and that they felt that the Government only employed Malays.

Kononnya, it is cultural for Malays to work in the civil service.
la-dee-da-da it's the usual song and dance.

Lulu has 2 words to describe a possible reason :

add another two

Nothing to do with wanting to be their own boss. Lulu has a boss. No sendiri punya business. Chooses to be paid at the end of every month instead of striking it out to the unknown on her own.

And by Nazri's theory,
Our PM's a cultural Malay.
but his son, not a very cultural Malay cos he's got his own business.
SIL also not very cultural Malay.
Kerismuddin - left his previous law firm to set up his own business. Gosh... not a very cultural Malay in spite of all the "culture" he is trying to inculcate.
even your Ramly burger seller. also not very cultural Malay.
All those Senators and MPs and UMNOputeras who are either AP holders or Class F Contractors or both also not very cultural Malays.

Time to toss that cultural theory out and realistically look at the problem if you have real intent to solve it. ... unless of course, there is no real intent.
Then continue with your song and dance. We all recognise the tune.


Anonymous said...

BS, simply that!


Anonymous said...

Almost knew this piece of cockamanie BS was around the corner just so as to rationalise the discrimination against the nons in the Gomen service and other training courses.

After SPM, malays upon making applications are offered multiple choices of jobs/career training courses and often only at the end of the intake season are Nons offered a miserable few of the options after there are few takers from the malay applicants for the same.

Had the Noosepapers done their journalistic duty, e.g., this is one of those things that would have been well publicized from earlier years itself. But as things are the way it is, some statistical facts are simply obfuscated for decades.


lucia said...

"limited advancement"

how right.

i still remember mgg pillai's article about why chinese are not joining the police force.

ksq said...

That's 'think on your feet' from Senator Nazri albeit of a messy kind. Try harder next time, Naz.

Anonymous said...

"...2 words to describe a possible reason : GLASS CEILING
add another two

3rd Reason:--- Can you all remember the job vacancies adverts with the magic words "BUMIPUTERA PREFERRED"? Even today, Teachers Training / Nursing Colleges are still practising this policy, even though the nonbumis have better grades in their certs.

Anonymous said...

"Glass Ceiling", comes afterwards. First the entrance discrimination despite much better grades. If the first didn't exist, the second and third etc., is not in the picture.

A lotta spin and sanctimonious BS reasoning to excuse what is simply raw discrimination that has been occuring for for a very long time.