Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lulu Not Keen On Big Brother Monitoring Her SLK

small little kelisa, that is.

did you see the NST Headlines today?They want to put a microchip onto your car. It will be placed on your car number plate.
The microchip will bear details of the driver, vehicle and model.
It is a "a high-tech anti-theft device, it will involve microchips set into tamper-proof car registration plates sealed into the body of vehicles." and will make it easy for Road Transport Department officers to identify stolen vehicles at roadblocks, using hand-held scanners.
KONONNYA, the e-plate, as it will be called, is the RTD’s latest strategy to make it difficult for car thieves to escape by merely changing the registration plates.

Lulu has such a KONONNYA feel about this.

1. Most stolen cars end up being "exported". They don't need a Malaysian registration plate anymore.
2. Will there be a quota system and/or patronage for the "only authorised mechanics" who will be allowed to fit the registration plate onto cars?
3. Is the "BigBrother is Watching You" culture creeping in?
4. Or is it just some greedy UMNOputera bought the patent and technology for this device, and is out to make money at the expense of the i-dont-know-how-many-million car owners in Malaysia?

If the KONONNYA is to beat car thiefs, will the M'sian govt one day say that to minimise kidnapping of children have the next generation microchipped, and eventually microchip the whole population to differentiate between the locals and the illegal immigrants?

btw, Lulu thinks it will be interesting to see who the provider of the microchips is. Any little birds out there? Whisper it to
for a humorous read on questionable control on access, potential information abuse and privacy infringement, read TV Smith's classic, The Naked Card.


Anonymous said...

give you a hint, iris corp.

Anonymous said...

In a Bodoh(U)land of BolehSpin, any so-called smart deal tends mainly to benefit the proponents or advertisers. Wise to be skeptical, stupid to be credulous.

Experience teaches well - except to doomed hardcore suckers.

When the Proton Saga was once equated with patriotism, what other BS won't they also cook up? Remember the hopelessly expensive and limited SmartPhone of a decade ago?

Locating a stolen car is one matter. recovering it is another. Besides, should we believe that the thieves are so stupid as not to disconnect the battery power supply?


lucia said...

haiyaa.... they only talked, talked... wait till it happened, then we'll see.