Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lulu May Have To Register Her Blog?

After reading how China was studying
A new system is likely to be adopted, requiring Chinese netizens to submit
information like real names and ID card numbers when they register a blog or a
BBS (Bulletin Board Service) account.

Lulu was wondering

1. How long before bolehland does a copycat
2. Would Lulu abandon blogging if i have to submit my real information.
Question 1 was answered the following day. Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha is considering the idea, but Lulu suspects that he realises the reality of enforcing this is quite difficult.

Lulu saw the light to Question 2 today.
If I had to submit my real identity to the government, then I would. I won't be the 1st in the queue, but I would register.
I take full account for whatever I write before God and before the laws of this country.
The reason why I do not post my whole life story is not that I do not want to be accountable for my words, but because I know that there may be people out there who may not agree with what I write, and may do drastic things to my home.
Trust me, the government doesn't need you to tell them who you are. Your IP address is tracable. If they can detect and trace sms, poison e-mails, what makes you think that they can't find you if you're blogging baselessly?
aisehman, datin diaries, if they wanted to know who they are, they can. So, don't worry so much about having to register your blog if it ever comes to that.


Anonymous said...

"Your IP address is tracable. ..."
Up to a point that's so but there're effective ways to hide even that. Who is the writer trying to kid? Besides the resources that is required to monitor the Net. Bolehland doesn't even have a really efficient broadband in service till now.

China is a different story, they filtered contents from their server/hub end and got also the essential assistance from Google and Yahoo who did cooperate for business' sake.....think Bolehland has the same economic clout? Besides they've built up a cyber cop corp over time. In any case there is unlikely to be a cessation of attempts to find even better ways to beat their system.


carboncopy said...

I concur with Lulu.

Do you know that Polis Raja Di Malaysia can SPY on ANY communications of PPL in Malaysia without a warrant? They just need to INFROM the Public Prosecutor.

It is in the CPC (Amendments for terrorism).

carboncopy said...

Oh. I'll just repeat what I said at Uncle Kit's blog :

Kong Cho Ha as saying in Sitiawan yesterday that “Registering bloggers may be a ‘stricter’ way to stop cyberspace writers from spreading disharmony and lies”.

During the days of ‘Third Reich’, the Nazi regime requires all writers, preachers, and its liking to be registered with its Propaganda Department in order to write and preach.

Anonymous said...

Now, Lulu, it's tough to trace a message sent through an anon mail service, what more if it's content is hidden by encryption like PGP?

Web Surfing IP can also be hidden so easily through proxies. Who reads what is not going to be revealed either.

What if a hardcore anti-reg blogger were to have an oversea's friend start a blog there and he/she sends him the daily blogs via Hushmail to post, e.g.?


Anonymous said...

lulu doesn't understand that the act of registering itself is already an act of kowtowing and giving up your rights.

Typical of animal farm behaviour.

Maverick SM said...

It's not about being afraid to register. It's about infringement of rights as provided in the charter.

Anonymous said...

What Kong Cho Ha is suggesting is tantamount to saying that fishing with ecplosive is a viable proposition. Just because of some puerile bloggers, everyone must be registered?

Even if the Echelon mail sying system thing is imposed, the number of personnel required to read other ppl's mail is mind boggling. And when a message is encrypt, that's impossible. And is Bolehland next going to ban strong encryption as France once foolishly did?

How is Bolehland going to enlist the cocperation of servers operators in the US to conform to its stiffling dictate, short of economic clout?

Yes. Mav. the idea invokes much animosity and for good reasons. Beside, just because your dog wears a license, is there no chance of it being shot by dog shooters in Bolehland? Not as I know it.

Nobody likes to be threatened.


Anonymous said...

Spread the word for KIV usage :


What A Lulu said...

~wi8ts0~, lulu'll check out the link and try to understand how it works and how to get it working.
shadowfox, this is more 1984 than animal farm. another book to check out?
mav and cc, it would definetly be an infringement of our privacy [bearing in mind thatin m'sia, we do not have that many rights], but what lulu is getting to is that between haivng to register myself in order to continue to blog vs giving up blogging so that i don't have to reveal myself, i'd chose the former. but i don't think that this is something the govt can enforce. and if they need to trace lulu's like me who don't know how to encrypt her isp, they can do it easily

lucia said...

i agree with maverick. the issue of registration is irrelevant. what is relevant is the infringement of human rights.

everybody can have a computer, everybody can access the internet, everybody can start a blog - it's personal... why should we register with the authorities for something personal?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lucia, mind control is what it's basically all about and is there anything more fundamentally foul than that?


kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
Don't worry too much about what the deputy eunuch said...if your blog is hosted on an overseas site, its not so easy to trace who you are, short of hacking into your account. Especially if your blog is a popular one with many different IP addresses accessing it. If they did a trace through TMNet or Jaring, my IP address, along with many others would appear during the course of the day...which one is yours ?

I suppose if someone did something really irritating, the authorities could put some real heavy computing power to trace who you are, otherwise it's not so easy.

E-mails are a different matter, because your e-mail has embedded in it the sending PC's IP address, easily retrievable from anyone who received the mail.

What China did was to put up the equivalent of a massive firewall to control internal Internet access to the entire outside world. So eventually, if you want to blog, you have to do it on a domestic server, in which case you are forced to register...Takes a lot of hardware and software muscle to do it. China gets a lot of flak from the outside world on this issue, but they are big enough to tell everyone else to go fly off..If Bolehland does that it's just shooting its own foot, crimping its own IT industry.

Anonymous said...

For A to communicate securely and secretly with B, it isn't even necessary to know encryption, mixmaster anonymizer, nyms etc.

All A has to do is open any webmail account and then write his/her message and save it to Draft. Then let B,C,D etc. know the password for this account. The missive never needs to be actually electronically transmitted by the usual protocol even.

Simplicity by itself.


Anonymous said...

erm how is that possible.
register my blog.
freelunch does not have an identity card.
how are they gonna MAKE bloggers register?
are they gonna trace all the blogs on blogspot?
is this another threat?

so it will read
name: whatalulu
ic no.:?

it boggles the mind

Anonymous said...

So, if Lulu starts a Blog having anonymous access to the Net, and updates it using anonymous access, how is she gonna be pinpointed to any real person anywhere in Bolehland?


Shawn Tan said...

your IP address is tracable.. however, you're not..

Anonymous said...

The Proxy IP is always there but most of the servers in anonymous services have policies that does not regard what bloggers say or emailer communicates as abuse and therefore gladly reveal them to any governmental authorities - unless e.g., they contain threats to personal well being, pertain to terrorism or fraud, and such etc.

Even scolding another does not amount to policy abuse. Criticism of government? That's exactly why these services are intended for, to protect the whistle blowers to. This is the Holy Grail of anonymous servers and services.


Anonymous said...

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