Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lulu is Still Wondering

remember this?
Lulu saw this affirmation in the NST today,
and is still wondering how a society which dresses skeletons is going to handle teaching this

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Anonymous said...

Naturally one can hardly expect anything besides the usual half-pass-six approach, as with many other towering ideas from Bodohland, where sanctimonious prudes are the most horny, and things asserted holy, actually hole-ly....making for only (hot)air heads.

The official certitude mindlessly given to things fundamentally medieval makes for an inverted world where thinking and self-analysis are not only never employed but well nigh prohibited by default.

Cognitive Dissonance hyped up as the holy virtue. No wonder the numbers of hypocrisies and crooks can only increase exponentially and increasing meanness, the common lot.

Scatter mimosa seeds/spores on to a dung deposit in your garden and then expect roses to appear?