Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lulu Is Still Digesting

Lulu is still digesting Bapa Mertua's interview with the Bangkok Post

What about corruption, what are you doing there?
I have not forgotten about this. We have already increased by 300 new officers for a special investigative unit. They do not wait for police to provide a report before they act. If they themselves receive reports or if they believe something is not right somewhere, they will go in.
How many cases have come to light? How many ongoing investigations? How many cases have been concluded?
I am not going into specific cases but there are more than 100 now. I have told them to be very careful.
Lulu is wondering... does anyone know anything about the "special investigating unit"?
Has anyone even heard of it?
Are they doing what the Badan Pencegah Rasuah is suppose to do?
What differentiates them from what the BPR is supposed to do?
Have any cases been concluded? Bapa Mertua didn't answer that. In politicalspeak, it's probably zero.
Zakaria and Said Yusof probably have not heard of them either, whatmore receive a visit from them.

dunno-la this PakLa

maybe... maybe during the GE campaigning period, there will be a sweep of these 100 or so suspects. All our "credible" news source will be fawning over him [i know, nothing new] and BapaMertua will don his anti-Rasuah suit and give us his "I am doing something about it. Just a matter of timing."
a cheap shot,
but maybe...


laundryamah said...

wa u so daring tok politikus ah! liddat me no need to read papers leow la just cum to ur blog

Anonymous said...

Wonder who will be the next 2 small fry this time (forget about the big ones) to be hauled in by AAB for corruption? Last time the 2 unfortunates were Eric Cheah and Kasitah Gaddam. Then umno will win the general elections again as the stupid people of Bodohland thought AAB has changed for the better.

member, BSG said...

Sorry to tell u BM is busy doing other important things like opening ceremonies, attending big meetings, giving interviews ( and giving small kid wat tokkin u answers), and visiting graves among other major events requiring his undivided attention.

What about corruption? Good question !

Hello, BM r u there ? ( sorry, he doesn't understand the question...)

Anonymous said...

Amidst the established affinity for Arabesque self-praise and sloganising boasts, the specifics like data and statistics are always buried and denied of any relevant examination.

That's why the obsequious noosepapers need to constantly help stupify the populace and maintain them that way.