Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lulu Encourages You To Help The Flood Victims

but please be wise on who you want to channel the money through.
updated 26/12
All cash contributions are tax-exempted and are to be made payable to:
"Malaysian Red Crescent Society" or Maybank A/C No - 5144 2210 3788 or call Tel: +603 - 4257 8726, Fax: +603 - 4257 3537 (Operations Room) for details.
Those who would like to have tax-exemption receipt must fax in your bank-in slip and details (name, address and contact no) to the fax stated.
MRCS is also appealing for items that will be distributed to the various relief centres as follows:
Perishable Food

Rice, Instant Noodle and Milk - Infant Formula and Adult, Can FoodChicken/Mutton/Beef, Vegetables, Sardines, Sugar, Coffee/Tea (Dust), Biscuits, Salt, Cooking Oil, Mineral Water
Non Perishable Food

Sanitary Pads, Pampers, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Towels, Soap, Detergent, Dettol, Slippers, Rubbish Bag

Metronidazole, C.Penicillin, Ciprofloxacin, Anti-emetic - Metaclopramide, Antidiarrhoeal - Lomotil, Paracetomol tablets/suppository, Voltaran suppository and Antibiotic eye drops.
School Items

School Bags, Uniform, Books, Stationaries and Bicycles.

In '99, the pig farmers were hit by JE. More than a hundred died due to the virus. There are many still alive today who never fully recovered physically, are in vegetative stage or physically weak. Over a million pigs were culled, and all involved in the industry were very badly affected, even up to this day.
The government, MCA and newspapers were amongst those who set up JE Funds to kononnya help those affected.
How the funds were managed and disbursed leaves much to be desired.

from Pahlawan

Pahlawan, an active Malayisan Lobby and Advocate Group, applauds Chinese newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau for providing a full account of its fund-raising and deployment activities in connection with the Save the Pig Farmers Campaign conducted during the Nipah Encephalitis Crisis earlier this year.
Pahlawan wishes to call upon all the other community groups, including political parties that have YET TO PROVIDE public accounting of their fund raising activities and disbursements to make a prompt report of their activities.
from Kerk Kim Hock via Bungaraya 02 Nov 2000

1. Upon checking, we found that more than 100 recipients have had their identity cards deleted from the list provided by MCA without any explanation attached. Although I have publicly asked for an explanation,the MCA has chosen to remain silent on this.
2. We also found that 706 Malay names were listed as recipients.
DAP does not question the disbursement to any deserving victim, whether he or she is a Chinese, Malay or Indian. However, since there have been long standing allegations that a lot of the disbursement to the Malays was made for political purpose especially during the 1999 general election, I had challenged MCA President Ling Liong Sik to publish the criteria used indisbursing the Fund, but till today he has not replied.So far, MCA leaders like Dato Ong Ka Ting, Datuk Lim Si Cheng and DatukHon Choon Kim had explained that the Malay families were given the aid because they had moved out of their homes or had lost their jobs during the Nipah Virus outbreak. Such generalised answer has not satisfactorily answered the public allegation, as any local Bukit Pelanduk resident willbe able to testify that only a small percentage of the 706 Malays had moved out during the outbreak. Local residents have also said that Malay workers who had lost their jobs were those who had worked in the feedmill or hardware shops and their total will not number more than 100 persons.
After having obtained the list of recipients on 23.10.2000, I have distributed some copies to the Bukit Pelanduk pig farmers. Yesterday I was given a copy of their first findings which have confirmed their long-standing allegations that there have been misuse and abuse in the disbursement of the Fund.The details in the Table attached show how persons who are not pig farmers or Nipah patients have been given aid without any justifiable basis.
Thedetails show that the disbursement was motivated by political consideration and reveal how even in the disbursement of charity donations, cronyism can even happen.Such findings, which are, in fact a tip in the iceberg is an indicator as to how serious has been the abuse and misuse.
from Kerk Kim Hock via DAP Malaysia 26/5/2003

On the question of the MCA JE Humanitarian Fund, Ka ting should also provide answers which Ling has failed to give despite my persistent and open calls on him to do so for the last two years.
Although the MCA JE Humanitarian Fund trustees had, in 2001, disbursed RM 25,000 each to about 60 Nipah patients who had appealed against the unfair disbursement , there are a few outstanding questions which Ling Liong Sik has not answered:
1. Ling’s promise in 2000 that he would publish the criteria used in disbursing
the MCA JE Humanitarian Fund
2. how does MCA solve the problem of serious abuse of the Fund whereby non pig farmers and non Nipah patients were also successful Fund recipients
3. when will MCA fulfill its promise to publish the final account of the Fund
4. when will MCA provide me with the final list of recipients
As every single cent of the Fund comes from the public, Ong Ka Ting must be prepared to answer questions which Ling has chosen to evade for such a long time.
Pig farmers query MCA over JE fund via Malaysiakini Oct 20, 2000

Pig farmer PC Lai told malaysiakini that he obtained information from sources in Bank Negara which revealed that several insurance companies and banks have donated RM10 million to the fund, but this amount was not accounted for in detail. Lai said that Bank Negara had called for a meeting in June with insurance companies and bankers to discuss the types of assistance that can be extended to farmers who cannot honour their loans."More than 10 cheques have been presented to an MCA minister by the bankers and insurance companies," said Lai.
Last year, after the Nipah outbreak, the government ordered the bank interests to be waived for those owing loans to the banks if they were affected by the virus which caused many pigs to be culled. However, when the pig farmers contacted the banks they were told thatthere was no such directive from the government, Lai said. Subsequently, the pig farmers were forced to go to Bank Negara, who learnt that the banks had donated the money to the fund, he added."But where is the RM10 illion?" queried Lai, adding that the pig farmers were afraid to ask further because they had not received the additionalRM70 per pig compensation that was promised by the government then.
Last Tuesday, MCA Youth secretary Yew Tiong Look said that MCA had
disbursed RM13,082,935 to pig farmers from a total of RM15,851,000 collected.Yew said that the remaining amount will be channeled to a special training programme
fund to help farmers learn new skills.
Lai said that it was unlikely that the RM10 million formed part of theRM15,851.000 the MCA mentioned.
Yesterday, a press conference was held by the Malaysian Swine Producers Association by the Nipah Disaster Committee, led by Lai, who alleged some of the funds were disbursed to people who were not pig farmers.
Likewise for the Tsunami fund raised last year. Lulu does not have time now to go in depth about it, but amongst the disturbing things I recall off the cuff are
1. No accounting for how the funds were given out
2. Flimsy criterea
3. Preferential give-outs to people who know people
4. Expensive but inapropriate boats of substandard quality given out to the fishermen.
btw, by then, Lulu already wise up and stayed away from any corporatisations, newspaper and political parties.

What is Lulu trying to tell you in all this?
Give carefully.
If possible, give in kind, not in cash. Rice and instant noodles would be great. There is a collection center at Kontena Nasional which is left to the Federal Highway turn-off to Sunway/Puchong
If giving in cash, give to those whom you trust would use the money knowing that even if they do not have to give an account to man, they still have to give an account to God. Stick to Mercy Malaysia, Red Cresent, churches, temples and mosques. No need to say who to avoid-la.
Do lend a helping hand to those affected. They are going through a very tough time.

Blessed Christmas!

for further reading in case you were too young when the JE struck :P
Viral Encephalitis Outbreak - Chronology of Events documented by Pahlawan Volunteers


Anonymous said...

Auntie Lulu,
Let's say the Malaysian public donate RM11 billion to the flood victims and miracles of miracles in this joyous season, all the RM11 billion reach the intended victims. No one was able to siphon off a single sen. Now RM 11,000,000,000 is a huge amount(a lot of people in this country are only getting 3-figure monthly salary). So the government saves RM11 billion from its coffers which would otherwise be spent on flood relief. (Forget about some of the money being siphoned off by you-know-who)

Now, the government has a huge sum of RM11 billion to bail out seven more failed privated projects of its cronies / send 11 more astronauts to space to play batu / donate RM500 million each to 22 more overseas universities / ect ect.

So, what is the use of donating?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:20 PM also has a point in a situation where the System has helped make personal honesty into something to be exploited. Because many organised charities have often shown a cavalier attitude when it comes to respect of and management of others' money.

Even in everyday events, everytime someone who's poor needed a heart surgery, the officialdom should have come out with the financial assistance instead of leaving that to the newspapers and other bodies to have to canvass from the public as they often gave to do.


What A Lulu said...

ANON 2:20,
that's why lulu is advocating going through other channels and possible, going through individuals.
for example, the 4x4 club went down, and they bore their own expenses. so, every cent you donate goes to your intended recipients.
give wisely through people you trust would spend the money correctly.

Joshua said...

The bible does say 'do not throw pearls to the swine'. And we all know by now who are the 'swines' even though they would rather not have the word Khinzir used.

Bernard said...

Merry Christmas, Lulu.

Anonymous said...

The fish indeed rots from the head first and this is the downstream contamination that has tainted even normal humanitarian efforts.

Life no longer become simple and easy to be virtuous.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lulu, I've been following your blog for a while now. I share your sentiments on the country, and have raised many a quizzical eyebrows on issues... I wonder at times whether there's hope? *sigh*. I say to myself at times, "fear not", but yet, I feel like a half-defuzzed chix (in relation to Christmas Eve's sermon @ FBCpantai). I can't help but to remember that our forefathers left the then oppressing Mainland to Nanyang for a better life. Now, this better life seemed to have dwindled, and we are slowly being deprived and psychologically conditioned to feel helpless... some are slowly trained to be passive aggressive, and some have became as meek as lambs (Have I fallen into their trick in thinking this way i.e. that I need to move away to find a new place to start all over again?). Yes, have money, will travel :). These days, with the joys of bloggin, many are meek no more - excellent! We Chinese are survivors, and we will always move to better pastures if all efforts fail, and definitely not without a hardy fight back! :) :) :)

ksq said...

the MCA bunch is another monster altogether. so called the champion of our people, they are really blood sucking leech and hypocrites with no shame even to the extend of sabotaging their own kind. felt sick to my stomach the other day when i bump to a bunch of them eating bak kut teh next to me.

the next time any of your cousins reached voting age, just sing to them the famous tune "Whyyy...MCA?"

Anonymous said...

Some called the the MCA bunch, "lapdogs", but this insults all canines which are far more noble and loyal.

In everyday events, when two people squabble over small matters and one of the parties is an MCA memeber, you can bet that the MCA will come forward and "fix" the non MCA member as far as that is possible.