Monday, December 04, 2006

Lulu Doesn't Like RELA

but I think most of you know it already.

When Lulu was younger, Lulu would relate RELA as the party poopers who made you sit down at concerts and poke you if you get up and dance along. Little did Lulu realise what greater bullies they actually were.

Kononnya, RELA was established to provide opportunities for patriotic citizens to become members of a government security agency which was formed to assist, maintain and safeguard peace and security in the country.
source : KHDN

You read it again and again and again.
DO a Yahoo search and you'll see words like brutal, migrant death, residents angry
Google it and you'll get migrants, hunting, death.
PPS has had quite a few pings on their latest incident.

For these migrant workers who have next to nothing, come from a land of poverty, Malaysia is a promised land. Regardless whether you are a Malay, Chinese or Indian, for most of us, our ancestors came this way too. And these immigrants are doing the work that no one wants to do. Not all are bad hats. They just want to make some money here so that they will have a better life when (if) they return. How can any human being treat another with so little respect, hunt them as if they were game?

the latest - Firms hit out at Rela raids
KLANG: Police are investigating claims from five factories that Rela members had detained 64 foreign workers, assaulted others and stole their cash and valuables during raids.
Management staff of the five factories near here alleged that at 1.30am on Saturday, a team of 30 to 40 Rela members turned up to look for illegal foreign workers. Half of the Rela members were not in uniform.
All the company spokesmen condemned the way Rela members conducted their search for illegal workers.
The five companies: Rhong Khen Industries Sdn Bhd, Golden Components Industries Sdn Bhd, Hsin Foong Manufacturer Sdn Bhd, Latitude Tree Furniture Sdn Bhd and Lam Yam Furniture Sdn Bhd have lodged reports at the Klang police headquarters over the incident.
They also claimed that hand phones and cash belonging to their workers had gone missing after the raid.
Golden Components Industries official Khoo Chong Kai said all workers had valid work permits but at 1.30am it was difficult to produce the documents as they were
kept in the office.
Earlier, workers of Latitude Tree Furniture Sdn Bhd claimed that Rela members had beaten them with canes and iron rods, leaving welts on their bodies when they refused to open the doors.

Party poopers? Lulu so young and naive then.
Life poopers more like it. Some lives they take away. Others they ruin. If only they'd realise that.


Mat Merah said...

RELA men are just uniformed and uninformed thugs getting their kicks out of bullying the defenceless!

There must be a concerted effort to get the authorities to either dismantle the unit or ensure they follow rules of engagement that respect civil liberties for all - citizens or those working here!

That would be the greater thing - civil liberties for all that is respected by all enforcement units of the state.

Vote for Siber Party of Malaysia (M) for that!

Anonymous said...

The Umno Youth is not up to this actual muscling role, so the authorities create the RELA.