Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lulu Does Not Like Mat Rempits

but this does not give her, or anyone else, the license to be sadistic and torture them. Not only were they forced to push their bikes 8km, the paper writes that they were forced to parade on the street on foot.

Kota Setar traffic enforcement officer Asst Supt Alhamdu Sehat was quoted as saying
“Usually they would be transported in police trucks. But in view of the growing
menace, we felt that we had to take a more drastic action,”
It is very disturbing that this Asst Supt is playing the role of cop, prosecutor, judge and executioner.


carboncopy said...

literally "street justice"?


As much as I hate mat rempits. This is too much.

Today is mat rempits, tomorrow???

Anonymous said...

Much as we dislike mat rempits, Bolehland cops have openly lost it. VMY and experience it all, firsthand bonus!


Bengbeng said...

Now I understand why the public and the police cannot see eye-to-eye?
So unnecessary this senseless parade...

Anonymous said...

This is much too less. Think of what would happen if these speeding s.o.b.s were to knock down some innonent road user. And their protector umno youth will make sure that they get off scotch free. Now, if I were the asst supt, I would puncture both their tyres and empty their petrol tanks before I return their bikes to them. I would also force them to buy M.C.I.S. insurance on the spot. Why? 'Cos M.C.I.S. means "Mati Cepat Isteri Senang" which is the best thing to happen to them.

Anonymous said...

lulu ,this small execise is nothing compare to wat they did
snatching bag/ molest and rape girls/ robbed the sundry shop etc
wait till one of u relative / friend kena than only u will say
padan muka!!