Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lulu Definitely Can't Submit A Picture of This Pair for JeffOoi's Competition

Do you know that JeffOoi is running a competition sponsored by Intel? You can win a new Technos Slimline XS-IV notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo processor if you sumbit the best-est nice pictures showing things that work in pairs.

Lulu was thinking... how nice if the winning picture is the one with our 2 leaders of this nation working hand in hand together. ah.... such a nationalistic romantic this Lulu.
Maybe something like this.However, looking at the events in these past 2 days, Lulu thinks we can give up all these romantic notions.

This is what Bapa Mertua said in his interview with the Bangkok Post yesterday,
I mean, you have freedom to speak. But not freedom to rubbish them, attack them. Not to tell lies. Not to slander people. That's not freedom of speech. You want to speak the truth, by all means, I have no problem. You want to tell me something's wrong somewhere, tell me. Tell the leadership the truth. I am happy for people to help me see things that are not doing well.
What happened today?
In Malaysiakini's update headlined Play down hike in toll charges, dailies told
we read #1 wanna-be latest instruction

The editors-in-chief of all newspapers and television stations have been told not to play up the impending increase in toll hike on five highways, at a hush-hush briefing chaired by deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak yesterday.
A gag order to the truth?
Or is Lulu reading this wrong?
maybe #2 is working towards #1's goal to "not tell lies" and "slander people".
Or is it so that Bapa Mertua will be spared from having the people take the streets to tell him the truth? so that he can live in his dreamworld and continue to think that the country is a bottomless pit and keep adding and adding to the peruntukan for RMK9?

anyway, looks like Lulu will have to snap a photo a Bapa Mertua and SIL for the contest instead. Those two, definitely working in a pair.


team bSG said...

ha ha , one bapa mertua & one xpired former PM son. Where the other xpired hand waving former PM son also ?

BM & SIL oso cannot submit, 2 obscene becoz one too handsome one 2 ugly

Hey 2 many sons already !

freelunch_2020 said...

nice pic...

Lucifer said...

ahhhhh gag order....not to worry am sure Lulu is reading it right

What A Lulu said...

the truth hurts, and they're not allowed to tell the painful truth. a pillow to soften the blow?
pollyanna type of announcement when they announce the new rate?
all the same.

Anonymous said...

You pay for Noosepapers to get insulted and stupified.