Monday, December 11, 2006

Lulu Considers Mob Mentality

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you got carried away by what everyone was doing, and the next day, realised what a stupid thing it was to do?

Like for the common man, during an electrical sale 3years ago in Nilai, could not wait for the door to open, broke it down, grabbed the goods and left. Without paying. 10,000 looters were involved, helping themselves to 3,000 electrical products. [i remember reading about this, but i can't find a newspaper link to it. however, it is featured in TVSmith's Malaysia Boleh Records] 10,000 people who when they left their house in the morning, thought that they were going to buy cheap TVs, DVD players, kitchen appliances, then got caught up with the atmosphere, and broke down the gate and looted the shop.

Lately, in the aftermath of the keris waving assembly, the press has been doing their damage control Malalysia Muhibbah articles. They talk about how during May 13, the Malay neighbour would protect their Chinese neighbour, and the mobs would pass that house unharmed. People were interviewed and gushing about how grateful they were to their friends. And Lulu is indeed thankful for them.

Have you ever wondered about the perpetrators? The ones who ran around KL with parangs. The ones who beat up people. The ones who killed people. Burnt up houses and cars. Looted shops. Men who are fathers. Youth with dreams and ideals. People who started the day like normal, and by nightfall, ... To this day, Lulu has yet to hear or read anything about them.

Mob mentality. An electric atmosphere. Certain parties inciting hate. Being caught up for the moment. Losing all common sense and following the crowd.
Afterall, what sane man would run around with so much hate in them?

No one says, "I defended the race and took up the parang". Instead, we read of those who helped their neighbours. Those whom their good sense and virtues prevailed. The parang yielders are silent. Lulu thinks that they are filled with remorse, regret and shame as none of them boasts of being a participant of this tragic event. Caught up in the moment, they took away someone's father forever.

That is one of the reasons why Lulu cringed when she saw Kerismuddin wave his symbol of Malay unity, and the Youth Assembly listening and cheering whenever there were references to defending the race at whatever costs. The men cheering could be a friend. Or a neighbour. Or a colleague. Someone who knows me and consider me his friend. But in an electrified situation, cheers and supports Kerismuddin. Has no qualms about shedding blood to defend what they believe is enshrined in the constitution. Totally enthralled and hypnotised by the speeches. A few days later when it was pointed out that the emperor had no clothes on, the sentiments changed.

What can Lulu do about all this?
Is there anything Lulu can do to unite all Malaysians?
The next time mob mentality prevails, how do we minimise the time it takes for those involved to allow their common sense to prevail?
Can we totally avoid this mob mentality?
I don't know.
But I remain hopeful, and will work towards a better Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Go ask the Serbs, Croatians, Bosnians, Albanians and Slovenians
who despite living cheek by jowl in Yugoslavia for centuries, started slaughtering each other with gusto in the early 1990s. Who to blame? Their irresponsible leaders who, like UMNO, seek to gain racial popularity by making "I am holier than you" claims.

What A Lulu said...

"Serbs, Croatians, Bosnians, Albanians and Slovenians"
Lulu also thought of them when writing this entry. It was really sad. people whom they grew up together ended up killing and raping them.

team bSG said...

I m as alarmed and concerned as u r . However, I tend to view these things in a different light. U see,those Mob Mentality "reactions" are enotionally driven, raw and unplanned.

But the recent keris episode is not, it is carefully orchestrated by certain people with a view to portray that a race is under threat and in danger, much like a warmongering barbarian is stirring the blind followers up to kill and loot.

The real plan/motive ? & only reason.......

Simple !

It is a shadowplay to cover up some irregularities, weaknesses , hopeless incompetencies and Fraudulent and Corrupted practices courageously xposed and laid bare by people like u and some which we( the lucky or unluckily educated well informed ones ) are all too familiar with.

A Sun Tsu diversion strategy ( alongside Arabinisation and Islaminisation coverups) so to speak. Let a few sacrificial lambs die.... it is in the name of selfish survival of a certain select few ! ( u know who , those bloated corrupted rich bloodsuckers and evil doers )

No no no, not 4 Malay unity,not for Malay race, thats plain Bullshit.

Sensual Sophia said...

Humans are inherently flawed, so can you actually change the mob mentality? We are emotional creatures and unless practice meditation, we can never control our runaway minds.

Maverick SM said...

I think the recent "Unity" propaganda is good, for whatever reasons it may be, even if you call it damage control. It's still better that the Keris wielding scenes and shouts of "bathing in the blood".

Anonymous said...

Problem is, sensual sophia, a herdish ideology of life (in the name of unity)aggravates that mob instinct even more. Along with it, the blaming propensity and the victimological presumption. The recipe is thus complete and readied for smearing all outside the tribe as evil and thus justify the following acts of atrocities against them.

Sometimes, less frequently though, as it happens, the tendency to push one's group agenda too exclusively and totally also result in the outsiders reacting overboardedly in kind as in Bosnia. The Serbs overacted preemptively and badly against the jihadists influence. Can't believe that there was no such party agitating such on the Bosnian side. Part of the associated same old, same old, agitating for an islamic thingy. Remember that "poison well" Mufti Hussaini who sent his Bosnian Brigade to serve under Hitler's army?

I has been said(wisely ) that no man will hurt another if he does not think the other is evil. The agitating part starts with the use of regular hate speech as indoctrination.

People who depends on indoctrination are unlikely to be those who can meditate. They tend to think that salvation comes to a crowd(because of numbers) rather than to individuals on their own merits.


freelunch_2020 said...

sensual + wits,

u guys crack me up.
but humans are like sheep really, that's why most need a shepherd.

but sensual i beg to differ about "We are emotional creatures and unless practice meditation, we can never control our runaway minds."

of course we have emotions but it's one thing to feel, and the other to be ruled by your emotions.

civil society requires us to think before acting, and not act based on our animal/emotional instincts.

eg. someone took the liquid paper from my desk and i really need it now to finish an artwork. when i ask him for it, he says,"ooops, sorry ah, i finished it.."
emotional responses may be (depending on your inclination)
1. asking the loser to go buy u one
2. plotting to steal all his stationery to make him pay
3. or if u r the calm meditative sort some are...u may have no emotional response...strange but there are people like that
but my RATIONAL response would be to
tell him nicely what an inconvenience he has caused, and get on with touching up the artwork, while maintaining the protocols of civil behaviour, ie MANNERS

i don't think people can ever run away from herdish behaviour. that's why we need good leaders :D

not everyone REALLY wants to think for themselves and prefers the spoonfed and ready version of "what-life-is-about" (religion).

Anonymous said...

Freelunch: huimans as sheeps.

In many a sense that may be so too because of the prevailing social and human circumstances. But Lulu surely can recall into her mind the Biblical parable of the "Lost" Sheep. Why did the shepherd leave all the rest (sounds irresponsible and exposing them to possible danger) and went in search of one lost one?

Is it not possible that the "lost" one was very special? Rather than being a conformist, this one exerts itself and thinks differently from the common mass, a sign and perogative of a true seeker.....and therefore spiritually more advance and valuable - rather than as simply gone asunder as the conventional thinking always presumed.

Human beings are many things at the same time but unruly emotions are disastrous to all and discipline against that comes best from conviction. Conviction by teaching and understanding, both of which involve rational thinking, first and foremost, at the individual level.

Authoritarian and self-serving System depends on dogmatic restrictions and strict tenets but these mainly solidify the skepticism about inherently good nature of man. At some point very early in time, the evil of the controlling power developes the usual self-serving agenda as it becomes more powerful. In such a system human beings next become viewed as untrustable and of basically evil intent.

Is there any advantage in swallowing hook. line and sinker, the notion that man is inherently evil and must need any medieval(theistic) religion to cure?

No, Freelunch, true meditation should not make one emotionless as a stereotyped imagery may contrive. I've seen evangelist types with the singular zeal in their eyes speak so stuporically of other things....

If the word 'meditation' sounds too archaic, how about, 'contemplate'? It's something that is best enabled by a certain quietude from the common daily bustle and hassle of everyday living for most people. Most people however prefer the ceaseless mind drowning daily activities. The common conformist sheeps.