Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lulu Chats With A Malay Taxi Driver

and we both agree that whatever misgivings we may have about the guy in front, at least he didn't pretend.


toniXe said...

Its surreal, it was and is meant 2 b still.

He had and would always stand a distance behind someone.

U can't force him really

Dats his destiny

Now & as always time is of de essence.

But thats a great pix

Anonymous said...

Bullseye observation, Lulu.


Anonymous said...

Lulu, contemplate for a minute why he was particularly upset when he was accused of Nepotism by the one in front....if there's no whatsover substance in that. No, not about the present only but also from the distant past, under a different capacity.

Anyway his recent UN oil-for-fool implication has not been proven to be false but the MSM helps to obfuscate that and hope that the ppl will be all forgetful, as usual.