Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The LRT Doesn't Take Lulu To Work

cos Lulu works in Shah Alam. But Lulu does know some KL commuters, and their daily woes.

KL has a new mayor.

It's just his first day at work and he is already under the illusion that the city's public transportation has improved.
Well, to be fair to him, Lulu would agree that there is improvement, but we started on a near zero base. There is still much room for improvement before we can actually say that the city workers have a real and fair choice whether or not to drive in to towm.

Anyway, he is already flirting with congestion fees.

"There are LRT and other public transportation into the city. We might need to adjust and improve the public transport system further," he said at his first Press conference at City Hall headquarters here yesterday.Hakim, 56, clocked in at 8am and had his first official meeting with Federal Territories Minister Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique and City Hall department heads and advisers.
Lulu cannot help but wonder how he got to work.
Did he use this "much improved" public transport that he is praising to get to work on his first day?
Will he be willing to take up the burden of real-life real-commuters, to walk in their shoes and use public transportation from his home to get to City Hall?
Lulu has heard some of these "public officials" use the excuse of having functions to attend and therefore would need the car. Not a problem. Leave the official car in the office, and use it for the functions.
But from home to office, office to home, use the public transport. everyday. not just on joy ride with reporters.
Face the challenge of getting a bus from your home to the station. Or finding carpark space at the station if you drive there.
Then try boarding an LRT after 7:30 am.
Going home - try boarding a train after 6:00pm.
You're tired and you have to wait half an hour for the feeder bus.
Do it for a month. Then you'd gain some credibility when you speak.

Until then, Lulu will have to take what you say with a pinch of salt.


Josh said...

This Lulu is good. There is more lulu truth here than the lulu truth in the press.

jc_tian said...

I was hoping for something good from the new boss in town, but that is ridiculous... stupidness...

Shawn Tan said...

Large doses of salt!! A pinch will not be enough!!

Kean-Jin Lim said...

The move is good; however, he must not talk only and gain the popularity from media. Someone also asked people cycle to work before but he does nothing. Well, provides great public transportation services first in order to convince Malaysians use the public transportation system. He must improve the public transportation systems in the city first!

Maverick SM said...

Lulu, car pooling at the 3-roads - Sultan Ismail, Tun Razak, and Bukit Bintang at peak hours are good. It surely will help lessen the traffic woes. It may cost some people money if they drive alone, but it's one of the better way to lessen the traffic jam.

Anonymous said...

Even large chunks of rock salt is just about as ineffectual.

After murdering King Duncan, Lady Macbeth was seen ranting about all the perfume of arabia being unable to wash the bloody stains from her hands.


jamesd said...

That's the problem with Malaysian leaders - they are always out of touch with the rakyat's situations.

Not only that, they always assume that they are your Father, that they know what is good for you instead of yourself. Which in effect, means that they think you are stupid.

It is a non-productive and scary situation - how can leaders grow the country if they don't realize what the rakyat is facing?

- bad Internet connectivity (heck, some new housing developments have to wait 6 months to even get a telephone line!)

- inefficient transport infrastructure

- bad transparency, and open secret that almost all politicians are corrupted. Do you know of any POOR ministers?? Name just ONE!