Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dressing Decently - Lulu's Measure of Decent Differs From MPKB

MPKB: Cover up or else

KOTA BARU: Women working in retail outlets and restaurants in Kelantan have been warned to mind their dressing or be prepared to face a fine.
The Kota Baru Municipal Council (MPKB) has announced that it would “no longer tolerate indecent dressing” by women, both Muslim and non-Muslim.
Public relations officer Mohd Azman Daham said that under local council by-laws women who “dressed sexily or indecently” could be fined up to RM500.
“Such outfits are prohibited here as it smears the reputation of Kota Baru and affects its status as an Islamic City,” he said in an interview.
Under the standard dress code here, a Muslim women has to be covered until the ankles and wear a tudung. Non-Muslim women are required to wear decent clothes.
Tight-fitting tops and pants were not allowed, even for non-Muslims, Mohd Azman said.
Lulu's measure of decency differs from MPKB's, probably differs from Howsy's, walski69's, Maverick's, ChingLing's, ducky's, proMahathir's, lilianChan's, and longkang's
Probably also different from Madonna's. And Pamela Anderson's.
But Lulu does not believe that it is her perogative, or anyone else's for that matter, to dictate how the next person should dress.
It always starts like that - mentioning the extremes.
Eventually, little napoleons will enforce it on anyone who is not dressed like this.

Sad to say, Kota Baru is not the first place to want to enforce it. At least they're being honest about it. The little Napoleons in Government offices diam-diam are already enforcing selective serving - if you turn up in a government office in a sleeveless top [could be a blouse for all they care], be prepared to listen to a lecture, and then be asked to go home and change cos the counter girl ain't going to serve you. Don't believe me? Try it.


Anonymous said...

First the external dictate like "dress code", then comes the mind control over all things normal and healthy. Step by step, pervasively and invasively. Their persistence being a measure of their otherwise empty preoccupation and air head religosity. Relentlessly pushing it with ever increasing and insatiable apetite.

These forces of Darkness are like the Pall of Darkness covers the entire land in the Lord of the Ring's scenario as the Dark Tide expands over the Middle Kingdom.

Unable to think decently but clinging on to some f**kup medieval dictates, everyone else must dress "decently" to accomodate them hole-ly ideology. Oh yea, the world must bend to this, it seems. The original and final Narcissism worthy only of climaxing in the Apocalypse - something more preferable than submission to this sort of Darkness and Zombied existence.


juslo said...

(i'm gonna jam your post with what i've posted on other blogs too, hope u won't mind...)

u SLUT - let big brother give u some idea on what is the REAL meaning/standard of DECENCY!!! n it's not only about 'retail outlets', ok, it's about sports as well!!
PAY ATTENTION NOW... don't wanna have to call u slut again next time i hear u talking...


Bersukan bukan alasan untuk dedah aurat
Saidah Hairan
Tue | Dec 05, 06 | 04:14:32 AM

i suggest u should check out the web address above -- but only if u r not a PAS ulama, because u might get turned on by the photo there, which is a VERY SEXY, HOT photo of 2 SHAMELESS iraqi athletes who exposed their flesh n sold out their religion in the name of sports... (SLUTS!!!!!)

here's my not-so-good translation of the harakah report, for the benefit of all your english-reading readers:

"Doing Sports is No Reason for Exposing Aurat (Body/FLESH/MEAT)?!?!"

the muslim ummah r urged to preserve the image of n not sell out the dignitiy of religion n self when being involved in the sporting world especially in the aspect of athletes' dress.

according to the head of PAS women (wanita?), ustazah sports-is-too-sexy-for-me-who's-too-holy, the time has come for sports organisers n participants at international n domestic levels to introduce n lay down sports wear conditions which cover up the FLESH/MEAT especially for muslim women.

according to her holiness, sports wear which covers the FLESH/MEAT should be implemented immediately in line with the spirit of independence of the muslim ummah from western control of thought, influence n lifestyle.

her holiness said, it's not wrong for muslim women to participate in sports whether at the state, national n subsequently on the international level but she should wear dress which covers the FLESH/MEAT.

"the time has come for sports organisers should introduce sports wear which cover up the FLESH/MEAT for women so that the men who become manager (of sports team?) or spectators do not become 'ghairah' (amazed? horny?? turned on?? not sure about the exact meaning, but u can pretty much guess it from the context) when watching sporting events participated by women," she said when commenting on the dress of Iraqi muslim women in sports at Doha now.

her holiness hopes that muslim women should be the role model for other races whether from the angle of dress or 'penampilan' (action?? not sure) especially when participating in sports.

"don't sell out the honour of religion n self just because we r chasing gold n (sporting honour)," she said.

here r some other 'related' news from harakah, the voice of PAS. (i'm only translating parts of them, u should check out the original texts for full details...)

1, Semangat merdeka: Wanita Islam merindui kompleks sukan tertutup
Saidatul Amani
Fri | Sep 01, 06 | 03:28:48 AM

Spirit of Independence: Muslim Women Misses/Long For Closed Sports Complex

...the closed sports complex should be built to ensure the safety n comfort of muslim women who r doing sports without any disturbance from men who r not related (to the women).

...the malaysian government should follow the example of IRAN which has successfully organised closed women sports without a single male spectator n malaysia has also sent her athletes.

...she suggested to Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Dato' Azalina Othman to immediately build closed sports complex for women instead of building sports complex in england.

"we muslim women who r wearing tudung very much want to learn swimming because the sports of swimming n riding horses r encouraged by islam, n swimming has a lot of health benefits," she said.

according to her, muslim women who wear tuding very much miss/long for a sports complex which could protect their aurat n honour from them becoming the viewing objects of unrelated male.

2, Kelantan negeri pertama perkenal pakaian sukan cara Islam
Wajdi Mayusoh
Mon | Jan 16, 06 | 04:00:00 PM


Kelantan is the first state to introduce sports wear of the Islamic way

Kelantan is expected to become the first state in the country to introduce dress which fulfils the requirements of religion for football players.

...(some government big shot said) "the state government wishes to become an example n model for other states n to prove that dress which closes aurat is not a bar to athletes to progress in sports."

..."this also is to prove that kelantan is very committed to ensure that the policy of 'Develop together with Islam' continues to be realised in the administration of the government including related to sports," he said at the launching ceremony of Dato’ Menteri Besar Cup Championship, here recently.

3, Sukan Wanita Kelantan jadi acara tahunan
Salmah Mat Husain
Tue | Sep 19, 06 | 08:38:10 AM


Kelantan Women Sports becomes Annual Event

kelantan might b the first state in this country which 'mempelopori' (organise?) sports especially for women following islamic requirements.

the main characteristics which have been stipuated r that every player must wear dress which covers the aurat n the playing courts r organised in a closed manner for that group only.

-- these r REAL news, i didn't make any of them up.
so, how u people like a PAS ISLAMIC UTOPIA in malaysia modelled on kelantan???
god save malaysia... (if not kelantan too)

What A Lulu said...

hi juslo, wah... you use very strong words. scare lulu a bit.
but it is a frightening m'sia that we are heading towards, isn't it, be it the pas version or the bn hadhari version?

Anonymous said...

Is ~wits0~ gal or guy? Tone of "voice" fiery.

Anonymous said...

I last visited Kota Baru in December 1984 (back then the Muslim dress code was as in the other states)... a couple of years from now the ladies there would be forced to dorn the burqa while the men would be wearing the Taliban terrorist attire but minus the AK47s ... just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:31 PM, the tone of prohibitionist M'sia is the issue. The rest pales in importance.

Whether it only happens in Kelantan or affects one directly or not is not the issue. The issue is one where irrational fideism produces a worldwide attempt at imposing forcefully itself on others amid the false and pompous hubris of moral superiority which it cannot substantiate as desirable or prove as being helpful. The proponents only blather verbosely and circularly over their "morality".

The disguised misogyny based on bigotry affects every decent thinking person, male or female. It's inherent transferance of guilt and responsibility along the sexist line is wrong and part of a bad ideology.

And to top it all up, the most humsup of people(Nil Aziz, Penang counsillor, e.g.,) speaks the loudest about morality. It would be merely laughable were it not done with such serious intent - an intent which is mindless, parochial and arbitrary, therfore simply repugnant.


Anonymous said...

zang toi better not say which fashion capital he comes from

Anonymous said...

wah i like the fashionable togas/drapes (?)
the latest autumn/winter collection from lulu?

now, i know what to wear for christmas!!!


juslo said...

hey lulu,

sorry if i 'scared' u. just for your own good, u know!! ;p

the way i c it, 20 years from now, we'll all b like taliban. umno will not want 2b seen as not being 'islamic enough' vis-a-vis pas... sigh...

'sexy slut' (ie 'secular') or 'sex slave' (ie 'religious') - which is better?? well, that question is irrelevant when u don't have a choice anymore...

so, dress sexy while u could, ok?!!

Anonymous said...

This "Dressing Decently" thing never was a problem in M'soa until some ppl gave up thinking in favour of hole-liness in the head called (blind-as-a-bat)faith that empowers some male misogyny and makes complete masochists of some women.

The repression that certainly enables the turban heads to position, wealth and power, for sure....if serving nothing else. Otherwise they have no gainful career advancement possibility.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see these fully black covered-up up hair to toe with 2 little button-hole ( for seeing purposes ) women feed themselves if you are around KLCC food court and happen to see them eating.