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Yet Another Lulu Sing-Along

Where has our PM gone
Where has our PM gone?
Long time no see
Where has our PM gone?
even through the flood
Where has our PM gone
Gone on holiday, yes he did
When will he ever learn?
Oh when will he ever learn
[to be sung to the tune of Where Have All the Flowers Gone]

Lulu's been watching the news lately to catch the visuals of the flood. Every night, you see Najib (the original keris waver) at the ops center, visiting schools, giving directions, talking to the victims etc.
Something was not so right about the pictures.
Is it just Lulu, or have the rest of you also noticed the PM's absence?

The last time he was mentioned was on
23rd Dec Floods round-up: PM wants people to arrest looters, he was in the country, in Batu Pahat and around visiting the victims

The next mention was on
25th Dec A Malaysian kind of celebration. But it was written that "Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was represented by Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen", and his Christmas message was released by the PM's department.
Lulu also thinks the message was probably prepared before the floods down south as there was no reference to that disaster and the opportune jingle for Malaysians regardless of religion to face turmoils together.

Per the gosip on KMU, our PM's on holiday in Perth.

Just the other day, Ketua Penerangan UMNO, Senator Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd. Taib [he's the one who left Australia with close to AUS$1mil in his bag. He was aquitted of the charge.] berkata in the Utusan Malaysia Pas Tidak Sensitif Penderitaan Rakyat,

dalam keadaan rakyat yang kini terpaksa berhadapan dengan bencana itu, Pas seharusnya segera menghulurkan bantuan dan bukan memberi keutamaan kepada pilihan raya.
err.... looks like this headline may also be apropriate PM Tidak Sensitif Penderitaan Rakyat.

dalam keadaan rakyat yang kini terpaksa berhadapan dengan bencana itu, Pak Lah
seharusnya segera menghulurkan bantuan dan bukan memberi keutamaan cuti-cuti Malaysia,...maaf, cuti-cuti Australia. btw, jangan tiru macam saya semasa exit Australia-ya.

Wanna Help Lulu Fill In The Blank?

Wanna help Lulu fill in the last blank?
The janji tak akan naik harga lagi tahun ini is expiring soon.

What do you think?
Naik? Turun? No change?

The argument for no change would probably be that the government does not want to stir a hornets' nest and they can't come up with an intelligent reason for the public.

Turun would be cos the harga barrel has dropped since Feb when the price was going north and with the whiff of elections in the air, it's especially important to play good guy after having done so much bad.

So many arguments for it. Arguments only-ah, not necessary intelligent, but may have some truth in it.
we are already subsidising so much
cheapest in SEA not including Brunei
use the money to improve the transportation system
need the money to build the new un-tendered Istana
need the money to bayar the class F contractors for projects undertaken between the time of the UMNO General Assembly till year end
need RM500mil for some secret education project

so how? Dec 31st go petrol station isi tangki penuh-ah?
status quo?

Happy New Year.
Lulu knows it's been a shocking and depressing year, but we need to continue to work together to make a better Malaysia for the next generation.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Will You Walk Into My Parlour?" Said the Spider to Lulu

The English papers were not in print on Boxing Day, leaving Lulu the pleasure of reading the Utusan Malaysia to catch up with what happening with Malaysia and beyond.

In an article under the Bicara Agama, there was an interview with the President Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia (PGSM), Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar titled Mahkamah Syariah perlu bidang kuasa lebih luas

Lulu's going to share with you a portion of the interview

UTUSAN MALAYSIA: Kebelakangan ini terdapat kecenderungan seolah-olah tidak menghormati Mahkamah Syariah. Ia apabila ada pihak yang tidak muncul walaupun disapina oleh mahkamah. Mengapa ini berlaku?
ZAINUL RIJAL: Hal ini barangkali disebabkan tafsiran dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang mengehadkan bidang kuasa Mahkamah Syariah iaitu orang bukan Islam tidak terikat dengan undang-undang syariah.
Mahkamah Syariah tugasnya adalah mencari keadilan mengikut hukum syarak dan membuat keputusan yang betul berdasarkan bukti-bukti yang sahih. Ini pula memerlukan kerjasama pihak-pihak yang terlibat.
Dalam kes perebutan mayat A. Rayappan di Shah Alam awal Disember lalu misalnya, ahli keluarga bukan Islam Rayappan disapina ke Mahkamah Syariah untuk memberi keterangan dan menunjukkan bukti si mati bukan Islam di saat kematiannya. Ini bagi membantu mahkamah membuat keputusan yang betul tetapi keluarganya enggan hadir.
Perbuatan sebegini jelas tidak menghormati institusi Mahkamah Syariah. Jika tidak mahu bekerjasama bagaimana kita mahu mencapai keadilan?
Mahkamah Syariah wujud kerana peruntukan Perlembagaan sendiri. Oleh hal yang demikian setiap rakyat Malaysia mestilah menghormati Mahkamah Syariah walaupun Mahkamah Syariah tidak berupaya memaksa mereka hadir.
Masalah kita ialah tanggapan orang bukan Islam terhadap Mahkamah Syariah dan juga undang-undang kita yang tidak memperuntukkan mereka yang bukan Islam boleh disapina di Mahkamah Syariah.
Lulu finds it strange and quite frankly, hypocritical that they do not understand why the family is not accepting the invitation to the spider's parlour.

Afterall, the Muslim NGOs and political parties have rejected the formation of an Interfaith Council. In February 2005, the Malaysian Bar Council organized a forum to discuss the creation of an interfaith commission aimed to promote better understanding and respect among the country's religious groups. Several mainstream Islamic groups refused to participate in the forum on the grounds that an interfaith commission would "weaken Islam." The Government subsequently announced that an interfaith commission was not necessary but stated that interfaith dialogue should be encouraged.

"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the Spider to the Fly," It is the prettiest parlor that ever you did spy, You've only got to pop your head just inside of the door, You'll see so many curious things you never saw before, Will you, will you, will you walk in, pretty Fly?…"

Nah... it looks like a long time before you will walk into our parlour.
Speaking of parlours, Uncle Yap is very sad that he is no longer able to invite them to his house for a makan. Maybe they think it's a parlour?

But don't be surprised if there'll be an enactment to make us walk into their parlour. remember, the title of this interview is Mahkamah Syariah perlu bidang kuasa lebih luas, and at one point of the interview, he did say, "Jika kedudukan ini sama maka sudah tentu keadaan enggan hadir ke Mahkamah Syariah tidak akan berlaku."

Is it time to voice our dissent? Time to vote differently?

I don't know ... but I do long for the time when we were all Malaysians. No "I am more Malaysian than you attitude". It's time to make a stand.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lulu Encourages You To Help The Flood Victims

but please be wise on who you want to channel the money through.
updated 26/12
All cash contributions are tax-exempted and are to be made payable to:
"Malaysian Red Crescent Society" or Maybank A/C No - 5144 2210 3788 or call Tel: +603 - 4257 8726, Fax: +603 - 4257 3537 (Operations Room) for details.
Those who would like to have tax-exemption receipt must fax in your bank-in slip and details (name, address and contact no) to the fax stated.
MRCS is also appealing for items that will be distributed to the various relief centres as follows:
Perishable Food

Rice, Instant Noodle and Milk - Infant Formula and Adult, Can FoodChicken/Mutton/Beef, Vegetables, Sardines, Sugar, Coffee/Tea (Dust), Biscuits, Salt, Cooking Oil, Mineral Water
Non Perishable Food

Sanitary Pads, Pampers, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Towels, Soap, Detergent, Dettol, Slippers, Rubbish Bag

Metronidazole, C.Penicillin, Ciprofloxacin, Anti-emetic - Metaclopramide, Antidiarrhoeal - Lomotil, Paracetomol tablets/suppository, Voltaran suppository and Antibiotic eye drops.
School Items

School Bags, Uniform, Books, Stationaries and Bicycles.

In '99, the pig farmers were hit by JE. More than a hundred died due to the virus. There are many still alive today who never fully recovered physically, are in vegetative stage or physically weak. Over a million pigs were culled, and all involved in the industry were very badly affected, even up to this day.
The government, MCA and newspapers were amongst those who set up JE Funds to kononnya help those affected.
How the funds were managed and disbursed leaves much to be desired.

from Pahlawan

Pahlawan, an active Malayisan Lobby and Advocate Group, applauds Chinese newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau for providing a full account of its fund-raising and deployment activities in connection with the Save the Pig Farmers Campaign conducted during the Nipah Encephalitis Crisis earlier this year.
Pahlawan wishes to call upon all the other community groups, including political parties that have YET TO PROVIDE public accounting of their fund raising activities and disbursements to make a prompt report of their activities.
from Kerk Kim Hock via Bungaraya 02 Nov 2000

1. Upon checking, we found that more than 100 recipients have had their identity cards deleted from the list provided by MCA without any explanation attached. Although I have publicly asked for an explanation,the MCA has chosen to remain silent on this.
2. We also found that 706 Malay names were listed as recipients.
DAP does not question the disbursement to any deserving victim, whether he or she is a Chinese, Malay or Indian. However, since there have been long standing allegations that a lot of the disbursement to the Malays was made for political purpose especially during the 1999 general election, I had challenged MCA President Ling Liong Sik to publish the criteria used indisbursing the Fund, but till today he has not replied.So far, MCA leaders like Dato Ong Ka Ting, Datuk Lim Si Cheng and DatukHon Choon Kim had explained that the Malay families were given the aid because they had moved out of their homes or had lost their jobs during the Nipah Virus outbreak. Such generalised answer has not satisfactorily answered the public allegation, as any local Bukit Pelanduk resident willbe able to testify that only a small percentage of the 706 Malays had moved out during the outbreak. Local residents have also said that Malay workers who had lost their jobs were those who had worked in the feedmill or hardware shops and their total will not number more than 100 persons.
After having obtained the list of recipients on 23.10.2000, I have distributed some copies to the Bukit Pelanduk pig farmers. Yesterday I was given a copy of their first findings which have confirmed their long-standing allegations that there have been misuse and abuse in the disbursement of the Fund.The details in the Table attached show how persons who are not pig farmers or Nipah patients have been given aid without any justifiable basis.
Thedetails show that the disbursement was motivated by political consideration and reveal how even in the disbursement of charity donations, cronyism can even happen.Such findings, which are, in fact a tip in the iceberg is an indicator as to how serious has been the abuse and misuse.
from Kerk Kim Hock via DAP Malaysia 26/5/2003

On the question of the MCA JE Humanitarian Fund, Ka ting should also provide answers which Ling has failed to give despite my persistent and open calls on him to do so for the last two years.
Although the MCA JE Humanitarian Fund trustees had, in 2001, disbursed RM 25,000 each to about 60 Nipah patients who had appealed against the unfair disbursement , there are a few outstanding questions which Ling Liong Sik has not answered:
1. Ling’s promise in 2000 that he would publish the criteria used in disbursing
the MCA JE Humanitarian Fund
2. how does MCA solve the problem of serious abuse of the Fund whereby non pig farmers and non Nipah patients were also successful Fund recipients
3. when will MCA fulfill its promise to publish the final account of the Fund
4. when will MCA provide me with the final list of recipients
As every single cent of the Fund comes from the public, Ong Ka Ting must be prepared to answer questions which Ling has chosen to evade for such a long time.
Pig farmers query MCA over JE fund via Malaysiakini Oct 20, 2000

Pig farmer PC Lai told malaysiakini that he obtained information from sources in Bank Negara which revealed that several insurance companies and banks have donated RM10 million to the fund, but this amount was not accounted for in detail. Lai said that Bank Negara had called for a meeting in June with insurance companies and bankers to discuss the types of assistance that can be extended to farmers who cannot honour their loans."More than 10 cheques have been presented to an MCA minister by the bankers and insurance companies," said Lai.
Last year, after the Nipah outbreak, the government ordered the bank interests to be waived for those owing loans to the banks if they were affected by the virus which caused many pigs to be culled. However, when the pig farmers contacted the banks they were told thatthere was no such directive from the government, Lai said. Subsequently, the pig farmers were forced to go to Bank Negara, who learnt that the banks had donated the money to the fund, he added."But where is the RM10 illion?" queried Lai, adding that the pig farmers were afraid to ask further because they had not received the additionalRM70 per pig compensation that was promised by the government then.
Last Tuesday, MCA Youth secretary Yew Tiong Look said that MCA had
disbursed RM13,082,935 to pig farmers from a total of RM15,851,000 collected.Yew said that the remaining amount will be channeled to a special training programme
fund to help farmers learn new skills.
Lai said that it was unlikely that the RM10 million formed part of theRM15,851.000 the MCA mentioned.
Yesterday, a press conference was held by the Malaysian Swine Producers Association by the Nipah Disaster Committee, led by Lai, who alleged some of the funds were disbursed to people who were not pig farmers.
Likewise for the Tsunami fund raised last year. Lulu does not have time now to go in depth about it, but amongst the disturbing things I recall off the cuff are
1. No accounting for how the funds were given out
2. Flimsy criterea
3. Preferential give-outs to people who know people
4. Expensive but inapropriate boats of substandard quality given out to the fishermen.
btw, by then, Lulu already wise up and stayed away from any corporatisations, newspaper and political parties.

What is Lulu trying to tell you in all this?
Give carefully.
If possible, give in kind, not in cash. Rice and instant noodles would be great. There is a collection center at Kontena Nasional which is left to the Federal Highway turn-off to Sunway/Puchong
If giving in cash, give to those whom you trust would use the money knowing that even if they do not have to give an account to man, they still have to give an account to God. Stick to Mercy Malaysia, Red Cresent, churches, temples and mosques. No need to say who to avoid-la.
Do lend a helping hand to those affected. They are going through a very tough time.

Blessed Christmas!

for further reading in case you were too young when the JE struck :P
Viral Encephalitis Outbreak - Chronology of Events documented by Pahlawan Volunteers

Lulu Shares a Carol For This Season

O Holy Night!
O holy night! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the dear Savior's birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
Till He appear'd and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
Oh night divine, Oh night when Christ was born;
Oh night, Oh night divine, Oh night Divine.

Led by the light of Faith serenely beaming,
With glowing hearts by His cradle we stand.
So led by light of a star sweetly gleaming,
Here come the wise men from Orient land.
The King of Kings lay thus in lowly manger;
In all our trials born to be our friend.
He knows our need, to our weakness is no stranger,
Behold your King! Before Him lowly bend!
Behold your King, Behold your King.

Lulu's church Christmas service is at 11:00am on Monday 25th Dec @ First Baptist Church, Jln Pantai, PJ. Come join Lulu. The location map is attached below.

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Then Lulu think-think...THINK

At the PPP Youth Wing Convention held last week, SIL made a few references regarding the government, much like as if he were a part of the government.

Deputy Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin said he was all for the open atmosphere, where government policies and leaders could be criticised by the media and where issues could be discussed, but warned that there were certain limits that needed to be adhered to.
Khairy said the government could revert to a more controlled atmosphere if certain people chose to abuse this freedom. He hoped the few people who were bent on testing the limits would not be too extreme, as this would prompt restrictions.
petikan dari NST

Lulu, like many other bloggers, felt kinda disgusted that he was talking as if he is a part of the goverment.

To quote a response posted on PPE, clk said...
Someone who is not a full fledged politician (i.e. MP, Cabinet Member, Senator or Local Councillor) can say so much without having to account to anyone except for members of his own political party (which btw does not represent the population given its composition).I wonder where and how he got the right to speak with such authority!
[btw, his position in UMNO was actually brokered in, not voted in. Like that also he dare not take the challenge. cis! cis!]

Then Lulu think-think...
and think-think some more....
[Lulu slow thinker. that's why these thoughts and this posting comes one week after his speech.]
And then Lulu recalls all the warnings given by DrM, MGGPillai and even the Khairy Chronicles.
Horrors! Yikes! Eureka! It's probably true.
Whilst this budak belum kering hingus is not part of the government, do not think that he is not governing the nation.
and in case you are slow like Lulu and takes some time to digest the double negative, let Lulu rephrase it
The budak belum kering hingus may not be a part of the government, but that is not stopping him from governing the nation.
so, don't play-play with him

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lulu is Still Wondering

remember this?
Lulu saw this affirmation in the NST today,
and is still wondering how a society which dresses skeletons is going to handle teaching this

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lulu Saddened by The Floods Down South

it's time for Lulu to be quiet and pray for them

Thai Capital Controls - Should Lulu Be Concerned?

The NST headlines does not bear good news for his year-end.
The Thai Govt has done a U-turn on the restrictions, but the market is still spooked.
Will their move scare foreign investors out of Thailand and out of Asia, or just out of Thailand, and into Malaysia?

Are we going to go through another '97?
Some think that the signs are there as
1. The past 2 decades was more or less a 10 year cycle. back in '86 and the infamous '97
2. '97 started with a Thai meltdown
if we're truly honest to ourselves, we'd realise that our fundamentals are not that good.
and recently, i-forgot-which minister or bursa guy said that the surge in KLSE was due to foreign investments.

Is it here again?
Is the downturn coming?

Lulu is afterall, just a lulu. Advise her.
What do YOU think is going to happen?

This is the intraday KLCI movement as of this morning. Market looks undecided.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The LRT Doesn't Take Lulu To Work

cos Lulu works in Shah Alam. But Lulu does know some KL commuters, and their daily woes.

KL has a new mayor.

It's just his first day at work and he is already under the illusion that the city's public transportation has improved.
Well, to be fair to him, Lulu would agree that there is improvement, but we started on a near zero base. There is still much room for improvement before we can actually say that the city workers have a real and fair choice whether or not to drive in to towm.

Anyway, he is already flirting with congestion fees.

"There are LRT and other public transportation into the city. We might need to adjust and improve the public transport system further," he said at his first Press conference at City Hall headquarters here yesterday.Hakim, 56, clocked in at 8am and had his first official meeting with Federal Territories Minister Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique and City Hall department heads and advisers.
Lulu cannot help but wonder how he got to work.
Did he use this "much improved" public transport that he is praising to get to work on his first day?
Will he be willing to take up the burden of real-life real-commuters, to walk in their shoes and use public transportation from his home to get to City Hall?
Lulu has heard some of these "public officials" use the excuse of having functions to attend and therefore would need the car. Not a problem. Leave the official car in the office, and use it for the functions.
But from home to office, office to home, use the public transport. everyday. not just on joy ride with reporters.
Face the challenge of getting a bus from your home to the station. Or finding carpark space at the station if you drive there.
Then try boarding an LRT after 7:30 am.
Going home - try boarding a train after 6:00pm.
You're tired and you have to wait half an hour for the feeder bus.
Do it for a month. Then you'd gain some credibility when you speak.

Until then, Lulu will have to take what you say with a pinch of salt.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lulu Wanna Tell You About Virgin Galactic

Have you ever bought something just to get your hands on the free gift? Like sometimes, the spaghetti comes with a free long plastic container, and you buy the spaghetti for the sake of the container. Or like during Moon Cake Festival, you purposely buy 4 mooncakes so that you can get the pretty box?

Sometimes, Lulu wonders if we sealed the deal for the Russian aircrafts just so that we can do this Malaysia Boleh project to space in conjunction with our nation's 50th Merdeka.
for context : According to Agriculture Ministry parliamentary secretary Rohani Abdul Karim, when asked in Parliament, said the programme was provided free of charge as part of an offset programme for the purchase of Sukhoi fighter aircraft from Russia.

Lulu was reading one of those perempuan magazines last night. I forgot which one, but they featured Neiman Marcus's Christmas Catalog. One of the gifts really got my attention.

Yup! A package for 6 to space!

The chartered trip to space, for example, which sends six passengers 63 miles above the Earth via Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, costs a bit more than $1.7 million. Once those passengers return to terra firma, however, they get to indulge in an all-inclusive four-night stay on Virgin Chairman Richard Branson's private retreat in the British Virgin Islands

If only our government had known...

if only they had browsed through the Neiman Marcus catalogue...

if only they had checked out Branson's Virgin Galactic website ...

then they could have gotten a better cost on the fighter aircrafts not being so blinded by the freebie

and also send 6 [instead of just seorang] to space.

and the training would not be as intense and boring and aimless as blogged by our angkasawans

and being part of Branson's playground, Lulu can only guess that the food would be much better.

and with 6 invites, they'd be able to give 1 of the tickets to a representative of Umno Youth too. #1 a bit too old, so who knows.. maybe the youth #2 could have had an opportunity to go to space.

and we could even make it muhibbah. bring along 1 Malay, 1 Chinese, 1 Indian, 1 Orang Asli, 1 Bumi Sabah/Sarawak, and 1 UmnoPutera.

if only they'd known....

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Lulu Sing-A-Long "Everywhere Also Got Toll Booths"

With a toll booth here
and a toll booth there
everywhere also got toll booths
[to be sung to the tune of Old MacDonald had a Farm]

recently there has been a lot of outrage over the toll increases.

The sad thing is that as much as we want these increases to go away, they are here to stay. Dr.M and his cronies signed lopsided contracts due to reasons they know best. Ownership of these highways can be likened to running a casino as they are guaranteed profits, and the government does show compassion to you and buy over your loss-making highways like they did for the Seremban-Port Dickson highway. Very much risk free. Not a question of whether you make money or not. It's how much money you can make, and that depends on how well you run the company.

Lulu would like to look at 2 aspects of the issue.

1. Current Concessionaires
semi-value has said, [and Pak Lah has parroted] that under the toll concession agreements approved in the 1990s [to be read as PakLah is to be absolved from all blame as he was not the PM then], the Government has to reimburse the operators if traffic volumes and revenues fall short of the projections. They have no choice but to increase the rate as the burden to subsidise the toll is too heavy for the government to bear. As it is, the Government has to fork out RM2.06bil each year until 2010 to keep toll rates affordable to users.
Lim Guan Eng suggested the Government buy over the five highway concessionaires by paying back the accumulated construction costs.
He may have a good suggestion there. Maybe it is worthwhile for the government to study how much it would cost to buy back some of these highways. If they are as unprofitable to run as some quaters claim, then the owners would be most glad to offload them.

2. Future Concessionaires
This issue has so far been made easier for Bapa Mertua cos he can blame it on the previous administration.

Going forward, what is the Bapa Mertua doing?

Just the other day, semi-value announced RM600mil highway plan to link the Kesas Kota Kemuning Interchange with the Federal Highway.
sad to say, BM's scorecard on this up to this point, based on what little Lulu knows :They have not even started building the highway, and BM's scorecard is already in the red.
Bearing in mind that this is based on the little that Lulu knows, there are still a lot of terms which Lulu and the Joe Public does not know.
like :
how much and how often with regard to the toll and the frequency of the increase
is the Government required to reimburse the operators if traffic volumes and revenues fall short of the projections
Wonder whether would BM's terms score better than those "appoved in the 1990s" or not

Lulu Does Not Like Mat Rempits

but this does not give her, or anyone else, the license to be sadistic and torture them. Not only were they forced to push their bikes 8km, the paper writes that they were forced to parade on the street on foot.

Kota Setar traffic enforcement officer Asst Supt Alhamdu Sehat was quoted as saying
“Usually they would be transported in police trucks. But in view of the growing
menace, we felt that we had to take a more drastic action,”
It is very disturbing that this Asst Supt is playing the role of cop, prosecutor, judge and executioner.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

lulu Astronaut Blog

note : parody ahead

August 11
JJ said that the name of the final 2 will be anounced before Merdeka celebrations end on Sept 16. I wish that they would just cut the farce and name the candidate. The anxiety is killing me.
JJ said the ministry also intended to form an alumni of the last 16 candidates for the astronaut programme as ambassadors to promote science and space studies. They want us to give talks in schools to help promote the study of space science. Afterall, he says the training to be astronauts has taken up so much of their time and we don’t want to waste that.
Aiyah, memandangkan that it took so much of our time already, he want to take even more?
hati berdebar-debar... it's like the gameshow - who will go home, and who will return?

Sept 4
I made it!!!!
Not that I was the best candidate, but the other 2 had problems.
One suffered stress during a gravity test and the other was found to have a medical problem.”
Tak kisah-lah, ya... afterall... I'm the WINNER!!!
All the best to the other two.
Prime Minister urged us to make the nation proud and put Malaysia on the map.
Wonder what sort of scientific research will I be doing on space? Testing the viscocity of some new polymer? Or maybe arresting cancerous cell growth in an airless gravityless environment? Sounds exciting!

Sept 22
Marriage is out of the picture for now. They made me sign a contract that stipulated I could not get married until 2008 to ensure full concentration during the training programme.
Have to tahan. I want my Datukship.
I hope honey understands....

Sept 26
The silly idea of bringing along roti canai and teh tarik has finally been dismissed. Those guys must have baru sedar-ed that our food and diet would be planned by nutritionists.
How did suggestion come about? In March last year, National Space Agency director-general Prof Datuk Dr Mazlan Othman suggested that Malaysia’s astronaut bring along roti canai and teh tarik to share with other astronauts at the International Space Station as a form of food and cultural exchange.

Nov 1
They still have not announced what the reseach will be.
hmm... hopefully a medical breakthrough.

Nov 8
checked out what other astronauts are dong research in.
wow! i don't even understand most of the terminology and since i AM the nation's first astronaut, i'd have to be pretty smart.
but still tak faham.
i wish they'd tell me soon what my research is on.
No one seems too anxious to tell me what it is.

Nov 9
further stem cell research?

Nov 10
effects of zero gravity on our neurons?

Nov 11
prolonged sleep depravation in a controlled chamber?

Nov 12
what? what? what could my research be on? They have been dropping hints that it has not been done before.

Nov 13
1st outer space conception? that hasn't been done before. is that why they didn't want me to get married to honey until 2008? all that silence from them, and the consultations with the ulamaks?

Nov 15
This is so memalufying...
I went online to read theStar, and found out what my research would be.
Headlines say, "Malaysia's first astronaut to do what no one in space has done before". That sounds impressive.
My eyes almost popped out when i read the 1st line
play traditional Malay children's games without gravity.
At least they didn't lie. No one else has done it in space before.
I am supposed to play "batu seremban,'' or "five stones'' and spin traditional Malay tops in space. erh.....
Have to tahan. I want my datukship.

Nov 17
Fingers all blistered. Had to sew my own five stones. Keep poking the jarum into my fingers.

Nov 18
It's not as easy as it seems. Throw one of them in the air, and have to pick up one from the ground, AND catch the one in the air.

Nov 26
After much practise and endurance, much encouragement from my sympathetic Russian mates, i am pleased to announce that I have perfected the art of picking up one stone. Now, can move on to picking up two.
On my way to the datukship!!!

Nov 30
Not making much progress. Two is not as easy as one. hmmm.... good principle for wives too? The Russians are busy reading up on polymer bonds for their research. No time to play with me. Getting quite frustrated.

Dec 2
really, those little girls on my instructional VCD make it look so simple.

Dec 16
breakthrough! can pick up two stones consistently. Have to admit that I was getting really frustrated. This did seem to my archilles heel. other challenges have not been a problem to me so far.
Lulu sms-ed me from KL to tell me that she heard from the radio that the astronauts will be blogging on their experience. Good thing I have a headstart compared to the other guy.

Lulu Posts Old News

"I did mention that the old man practically smashed Khairy’s pot of rice. That’s something about which I am very sad. He has sold his interest in ECM Libra (an investment bank group). Sold it at a loss. Now he has some debts to settle.”
Bapa Mertua

... if only KJ had taken his own advise.

source : TheStar, 14th Jan

or is he merely being true to himself - does not understand what he's saying and No Action, Talk Only?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lulu Is Still Digesting

Lulu is still digesting Bapa Mertua's interview with the Bangkok Post

What about corruption, what are you doing there?
I have not forgotten about this. We have already increased by 300 new officers for a special investigative unit. They do not wait for police to provide a report before they act. If they themselves receive reports or if they believe something is not right somewhere, they will go in.
How many cases have come to light? How many ongoing investigations? How many cases have been concluded?
I am not going into specific cases but there are more than 100 now. I have told them to be very careful.
Lulu is wondering... does anyone know anything about the "special investigating unit"?
Has anyone even heard of it?
Are they doing what the Badan Pencegah Rasuah is suppose to do?
What differentiates them from what the BPR is supposed to do?
Have any cases been concluded? Bapa Mertua didn't answer that. In politicalspeak, it's probably zero.
Zakaria and Said Yusof probably have not heard of them either, whatmore receive a visit from them.

dunno-la this PakLa

maybe... maybe during the GE campaigning period, there will be a sweep of these 100 or so suspects. All our "credible" news source will be fawning over him [i know, nothing new] and BapaMertua will don his anti-Rasuah suit and give us his "I am doing something about it. Just a matter of timing."
a cheap shot,
but maybe...

Lulu's Subsidy Kena Potong!

I especially like the last paragraph.

The bailouts listed below, do they fall under the subsidy to the rakyat category?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lulu Definitely Can't Submit A Picture of This Pair for JeffOoi's Competition

Do you know that JeffOoi is running a competition sponsored by Intel? You can win a new Technos Slimline XS-IV notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo processor if you sumbit the best-est nice pictures showing things that work in pairs.

Lulu was thinking... how nice if the winning picture is the one with our 2 leaders of this nation working hand in hand together. ah.... such a nationalistic romantic this Lulu.
Maybe something like this.However, looking at the events in these past 2 days, Lulu thinks we can give up all these romantic notions.

This is what Bapa Mertua said in his interview with the Bangkok Post yesterday,
I mean, you have freedom to speak. But not freedom to rubbish them, attack them. Not to tell lies. Not to slander people. That's not freedom of speech. You want to speak the truth, by all means, I have no problem. You want to tell me something's wrong somewhere, tell me. Tell the leadership the truth. I am happy for people to help me see things that are not doing well.
What happened today?
In Malaysiakini's update headlined Play down hike in toll charges, dailies told
we read #1 wanna-be latest instruction

The editors-in-chief of all newspapers and television stations have been told not to play up the impending increase in toll hike on five highways, at a hush-hush briefing chaired by deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak yesterday.
A gag order to the truth?
Or is Lulu reading this wrong?
maybe #2 is working towards #1's goal to "not tell lies" and "slander people".
Or is it so that Bapa Mertua will be spared from having the people take the streets to tell him the truth? so that he can live in his dreamworld and continue to think that the country is a bottomless pit and keep adding and adding to the peruntukan for RMK9?

anyway, looks like Lulu will have to snap a photo a Bapa Mertua and SIL for the contest instead. Those two, definitely working in a pair.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This Bapa Mertua Amazes Lulu


But, with respect, there are still accusations about your son [Kamaluddin Abdullah] and your son-in-law [Khairy Jamaluddin] regarding nepotism. How do you feel about this?
l think the accusations of nepotism against a leader is one way of bringing him down, of eroding his credibility. They will do anything. My son [Kamaluddin] is a lawyer, he knows everything, that his father is the prime minister. He was in oil and gas. He worked overseas. He's got 35 locations overseas. He got some contracts with Petronas through open, international tender. And he offers the best terms.
That's what he does. And he bought some companies which he wanted because of their engineering capabilities, machine-tooling capabilities. He does not build the company organically, he goes for mergers and acquisitions. That's his style of business. Although many people have come and asked him to go into joint ventures with government-linked companies, he says 'No, I have enough money, I am rich'.
But your style of leadership, of allowing more debate, opens you to a lot of criticism, doesn't this get you down?
Of course, of course. I do get very sad. I did mention that the old man practically smashed Khairy's pot of rice. That's something about which I am very sad. He has sold his interest in ECM Libra (a merchant bank). Sold it at a loss. Now he has some debts to settle.
Khairy studied economic philosophy at Oxford. He was going to work in Hong Kong but it was too far away. Then he decided to go to Singapore. By that time he was already in UMNO Youth.
I posed him a question: 'Are you going into politics or are you going into business?' You cannot do both together, especially if you are going to operate in Singapore. That was the time when he was offered to join ECM Libra. That was the time they made all sorts of news about him. I thought, what the hell are you talking about? They made all sorts of noise so as to disqualify him. To make him scared. As a merchant banker his company was doing well. People were asking him to do all sorts of things. It is very unkind.
Khairy had many choices. He did not have to sell it at a loss.
1. If everything is above board, why the need to panic and dispose of his shares in ECM Libra quickly?
2. In his own admission (and boasting), he had other suitors who were willing to pay more. He chose to sell to someone offering him less becuase they were of the correct race.

These are choices that the SIL himself made. He needs to be accountable for his own actions.

btw, the difference between us un-cultural nonMalay wage earners and un-cultural Malay entrepreuner - Lulu's only got a rice bowl. KJ's punya rice pot.

Lulu Travel Advisory for VMY 2007

if you are a female foreigner visiting Malaysia, please do not try to assimilate with the Malaysian culture.
The danger of it is that you may be mistaken as a local woman.

with reference to the midnight harrasement by on an elderly American couple in Langkawi two months ago,
“Some locals saw the woman wearing sarong and thought that a khalwat (close proximity) had occurred at the apartment. It turned out that the woman was the wife. "

source : believe it or not, the article is titled "Don’t believe all news reports"

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lulu Prefers To Get Hands Dirty and Become Own Boss?

Datuk Lim Bee Kau (BN-Padang Serai) posed a supplementary question on why there were not many non-Malays in the civil service.

As usual, there was the la-dee-da-da about how non-Malays prefer to be their own boss and that they felt that the Government only employed Malays.

Kononnya, it is cultural for Malays to work in the civil service.
la-dee-da-da it's the usual song and dance.

Lulu has 2 words to describe a possible reason :

add another two

Nothing to do with wanting to be their own boss. Lulu has a boss. No sendiri punya business. Chooses to be paid at the end of every month instead of striking it out to the unknown on her own.

And by Nazri's theory,
Our PM's a cultural Malay.
but his son, not a very cultural Malay cos he's got his own business.
SIL also not very cultural Malay.
Kerismuddin - left his previous law firm to set up his own business. Gosh... not a very cultural Malay in spite of all the "culture" he is trying to inculcate.
even your Ramly burger seller. also not very cultural Malay.
All those Senators and MPs and UMNOputeras who are either AP holders or Class F Contractors or both also not very cultural Malays.

Time to toss that cultural theory out and realistically look at the problem if you have real intent to solve it. ... unless of course, there is no real intent.
Then continue with your song and dance. We all recognise the tune.

Lulu Considers Mob Mentality

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you got carried away by what everyone was doing, and the next day, realised what a stupid thing it was to do?

Like for the common man, during an electrical sale 3years ago in Nilai, could not wait for the door to open, broke it down, grabbed the goods and left. Without paying. 10,000 looters were involved, helping themselves to 3,000 electrical products. [i remember reading about this, but i can't find a newspaper link to it. however, it is featured in TVSmith's Malaysia Boleh Records] 10,000 people who when they left their house in the morning, thought that they were going to buy cheap TVs, DVD players, kitchen appliances, then got caught up with the atmosphere, and broke down the gate and looted the shop.

Lately, in the aftermath of the keris waving assembly, the press has been doing their damage control Malalysia Muhibbah articles. They talk about how during May 13, the Malay neighbour would protect their Chinese neighbour, and the mobs would pass that house unharmed. People were interviewed and gushing about how grateful they were to their friends. And Lulu is indeed thankful for them.

Have you ever wondered about the perpetrators? The ones who ran around KL with parangs. The ones who beat up people. The ones who killed people. Burnt up houses and cars. Looted shops. Men who are fathers. Youth with dreams and ideals. People who started the day like normal, and by nightfall, ... To this day, Lulu has yet to hear or read anything about them.

Mob mentality. An electric atmosphere. Certain parties inciting hate. Being caught up for the moment. Losing all common sense and following the crowd.
Afterall, what sane man would run around with so much hate in them?

No one says, "I defended the race and took up the parang". Instead, we read of those who helped their neighbours. Those whom their good sense and virtues prevailed. The parang yielders are silent. Lulu thinks that they are filled with remorse, regret and shame as none of them boasts of being a participant of this tragic event. Caught up in the moment, they took away someone's father forever.

That is one of the reasons why Lulu cringed when she saw Kerismuddin wave his symbol of Malay unity, and the Youth Assembly listening and cheering whenever there were references to defending the race at whatever costs. The men cheering could be a friend. Or a neighbour. Or a colleague. Someone who knows me and consider me his friend. But in an electrified situation, cheers and supports Kerismuddin. Has no qualms about shedding blood to defend what they believe is enshrined in the constitution. Totally enthralled and hypnotised by the speeches. A few days later when it was pointed out that the emperor had no clothes on, the sentiments changed.

What can Lulu do about all this?
Is there anything Lulu can do to unite all Malaysians?
The next time mob mentality prevails, how do we minimise the time it takes for those involved to allow their common sense to prevail?
Can we totally avoid this mob mentality?
I don't know.
But I remain hopeful, and will work towards a better Malaysia.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lulu Not Keen On Big Brother Monitoring Her SLK

small little kelisa, that is.

did you see the NST Headlines today?They want to put a microchip onto your car. It will be placed on your car number plate.
The microchip will bear details of the driver, vehicle and model.
It is a "a high-tech anti-theft device, it will involve microchips set into tamper-proof car registration plates sealed into the body of vehicles." and will make it easy for Road Transport Department officers to identify stolen vehicles at roadblocks, using hand-held scanners.
KONONNYA, the e-plate, as it will be called, is the RTD’s latest strategy to make it difficult for car thieves to escape by merely changing the registration plates.

Lulu has such a KONONNYA feel about this.

1. Most stolen cars end up being "exported". They don't need a Malaysian registration plate anymore.
2. Will there be a quota system and/or patronage for the "only authorised mechanics" who will be allowed to fit the registration plate onto cars?
3. Is the "BigBrother is Watching You" culture creeping in?
4. Or is it just some greedy UMNOputera bought the patent and technology for this device, and is out to make money at the expense of the i-dont-know-how-many-million car owners in Malaysia?

If the KONONNYA is to beat car thiefs, will the M'sian govt one day say that to minimise kidnapping of children have the next generation microchipped, and eventually microchip the whole population to differentiate between the locals and the illegal immigrants?

btw, Lulu thinks it will be interesting to see who the provider of the microchips is. Any little birds out there? Whisper it to
for a humorous read on questionable control on access, potential information abuse and privacy infringement, read TV Smith's classic, The Naked Card.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Lulu Wondering the Implications Of Rayappan's Case

1. if
“Fakta yang mengatakan Rayappan bukan Islam melebihi keterangan yang mendakwanya seorang Islam. Dengan itu, Mais menarik balik kes ini daripada mahkamah dan tidak akan membuat sebarang tuntutan.
source : Berita Harian
does this mean that there is hope for ALL to live out Article 11 in their lives?

(1) Tiap-tiap orang adalah berhak menganuti dan mengamalkan ugamanya dan, tertakluk kepada Fasal (4), mengembangkan ugamanya.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lulu Notes : Same Old, Same Old

Another day
another close door meeting
another close door approach
another "better understanding"

Same players
same offenders
same type of divisive remark
same type of offensive gesture
same old, same old.

At least this time, they remembered to be at the press conference together.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dressing Decently - Lulu's Measure of Decent Differs From MPKB

MPKB: Cover up or else

KOTA BARU: Women working in retail outlets and restaurants in Kelantan have been warned to mind their dressing or be prepared to face a fine.
The Kota Baru Municipal Council (MPKB) has announced that it would “no longer tolerate indecent dressing” by women, both Muslim and non-Muslim.
Public relations officer Mohd Azman Daham said that under local council by-laws women who “dressed sexily or indecently” could be fined up to RM500.
“Such outfits are prohibited here as it smears the reputation of Kota Baru and affects its status as an Islamic City,” he said in an interview.
Under the standard dress code here, a Muslim women has to be covered until the ankles and wear a tudung. Non-Muslim women are required to wear decent clothes.
Tight-fitting tops and pants were not allowed, even for non-Muslims, Mohd Azman said.
Lulu's measure of decency differs from MPKB's, probably differs from Howsy's, walski69's, Maverick's, ChingLing's, ducky's, proMahathir's, lilianChan's, and longkang's
Probably also different from Madonna's. And Pamela Anderson's.
But Lulu does not believe that it is her perogative, or anyone else's for that matter, to dictate how the next person should dress.
It always starts like that - mentioning the extremes.
Eventually, little napoleons will enforce it on anyone who is not dressed like this.

Sad to say, Kota Baru is not the first place to want to enforce it. At least they're being honest about it. The little Napoleons in Government offices diam-diam are already enforcing selective serving - if you turn up in a government office in a sleeveless top [could be a blouse for all they care], be prepared to listen to a lecture, and then be asked to go home and change cos the counter girl ain't going to serve you. Don't believe me? Try it.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Lulu Doesn't Like RELA

but I think most of you know it already.

When Lulu was younger, Lulu would relate RELA as the party poopers who made you sit down at concerts and poke you if you get up and dance along. Little did Lulu realise what greater bullies they actually were.

Kononnya, RELA was established to provide opportunities for patriotic citizens to become members of a government security agency which was formed to assist, maintain and safeguard peace and security in the country.
source : KHDN

You read it again and again and again.
DO a Yahoo search and you'll see words like brutal, migrant death, residents angry
Google it and you'll get migrants, hunting, death.
PPS has had quite a few pings on their latest incident.

For these migrant workers who have next to nothing, come from a land of poverty, Malaysia is a promised land. Regardless whether you are a Malay, Chinese or Indian, for most of us, our ancestors came this way too. And these immigrants are doing the work that no one wants to do. Not all are bad hats. They just want to make some money here so that they will have a better life when (if) they return. How can any human being treat another with so little respect, hunt them as if they were game?

the latest - Firms hit out at Rela raids
KLANG: Police are investigating claims from five factories that Rela members had detained 64 foreign workers, assaulted others and stole their cash and valuables during raids.
Management staff of the five factories near here alleged that at 1.30am on Saturday, a team of 30 to 40 Rela members turned up to look for illegal foreign workers. Half of the Rela members were not in uniform.
All the company spokesmen condemned the way Rela members conducted their search for illegal workers.
The five companies: Rhong Khen Industries Sdn Bhd, Golden Components Industries Sdn Bhd, Hsin Foong Manufacturer Sdn Bhd, Latitude Tree Furniture Sdn Bhd and Lam Yam Furniture Sdn Bhd have lodged reports at the Klang police headquarters over the incident.
They also claimed that hand phones and cash belonging to their workers had gone missing after the raid.
Golden Components Industries official Khoo Chong Kai said all workers had valid work permits but at 1.30am it was difficult to produce the documents as they were
kept in the office.
Earlier, workers of Latitude Tree Furniture Sdn Bhd claimed that Rela members had beaten them with canes and iron rods, leaving welts on their bodies when they refused to open the doors.

Party poopers? Lulu so young and naive then.
Life poopers more like it. Some lives they take away. Others they ruin. If only they'd realise that.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lulu May Have To Register Her Blog?

After reading how China was studying
A new system is likely to be adopted, requiring Chinese netizens to submit
information like real names and ID card numbers when they register a blog or a
BBS (Bulletin Board Service) account.

Lulu was wondering

1. How long before bolehland does a copycat
2. Would Lulu abandon blogging if i have to submit my real information.
Question 1 was answered the following day. Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha is considering the idea, but Lulu suspects that he realises the reality of enforcing this is quite difficult.

Lulu saw the light to Question 2 today.
If I had to submit my real identity to the government, then I would. I won't be the 1st in the queue, but I would register.
I take full account for whatever I write before God and before the laws of this country.
The reason why I do not post my whole life story is not that I do not want to be accountable for my words, but because I know that there may be people out there who may not agree with what I write, and may do drastic things to my home.
Trust me, the government doesn't need you to tell them who you are. Your IP address is tracable. If they can detect and trace sms, poison e-mails, what makes you think that they can't find you if you're blogging baselessly?
aisehman, datin diaries, if they wanted to know who they are, they can. So, don't worry so much about having to register your blog if it ever comes to that.

Lulu Chats With A Malay Taxi Driver

and we both agree that whatever misgivings we may have about the guy in front, at least he didn't pretend.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lulu's Never Watched "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

but it's a cult favourite, named as one of the Top 100 Movies of all time by Time Magazine. IMDB classifies this movie as Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller Malaysia has her own version of the same title. The genre would more likely be a horror/tragedy, though other nations may consider what is happening here so unbelievable that they may categorise it as a sci-fi/thriller too.
They snatched her husband

Now, they're trying to snatch hers

But did you know 9 years ago, they snatched her from him?

Lulu was reading up old MGG Pillai's postings on Sangkancil, and came across this.

Toh Puan Bunny Suffian, 80, died of cancer at the General Hospitalin Kuala Lumpur last Thursday, and was to have been cremated yesterday. But her husband, Tun Mohamed Suffian, also 80, retiredLord President of Malaysia, could not recover her body as his brother had staked a claim and wanted her buried according to Islamic rights.Toh Puan Bunny remained both a British subject and a Christian after their marriage in London in 1946. At no time during the past 51years was this challenged.
But it was on her death. The Attorney-General intervened. He agreed with three witnesses who claimed she recited the Muslim declaration of faith (shahadat) at her death-bed, and that madeher a Muslim; and her brother-in-law took her body to KualaKangsar for burial. Tun Suffian was never asked for his views, but this is not required under Muslim law in Malaysia. He did not attend the funeral.

source :
even then, MGG Pillai highlighted the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He writes :
Islamic and religious bodies seize corposes of those they believe had converted, and bury them according to Muslim rites; and unearth bodies in Christian cemetries to bury them as Muslims, sometimes months later.

In an orbituary of him written in the Guardian, Tun Suffian was described as
... private man completely devoted to his wife, Bunny, whom he married, after they met in Cambridge, in 1941 that her death in 1997 devastated him in more ways than one: when she died, the Islamic authorities denied her, a lifelong Christian, the cremation she wanted, and forcibly taken to Kuala Kangsar and buried under Islamic rites in the Moslem cemetry there.

Welcome to Malaysia, where Invasion of the Body Snatchers is more than just a movie.

Lulu Wasn't Expecting Much, but Somehow, Lulu Still Disappointed

When Lulu saw this in the papers on Wed, Lulu knew not to expect too much.
So, when Lulu saw this this morning, Lulu was not surprised.
"ticked off", "pedas dan keras"
Who are we trying to kid?
...diberi nasihat yang pedas dan keras oleh parti kerana membuat ucapan yang dianggap keterlaluan semasa perhimpunan agung UMNO bulan lepas.
Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berkata, ketiga-tiga mereka telah dipanggil oleh Jawatankuasa Pengurusan UMNO untuk memberi penjelasan terhadap ucapan mereka baru-baru ini.
‘‘Nasihat yang pedas dan keras diberi kepada mereka. Mereka mesti berhati-hati apabila bercakap. Jangan keterlaluan sehingga kemungkinan menimbulkan kesalahan undang-undang yang ada.
.... diberi nasihat keras supaya lebih berhati-hati pada masa akan datang.
Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, berkata Jawatankuasa Pengurusan parti sudah mendapat penjelasan ketiga-tiga perwakilan itu, Rabu lalu, dan tindakan diambil dimaklumkan pada mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi (MT) semalam.“Mereka diingatkan mesti sentiasa berhati-hati apabila bercakap dan jangan keterlaluan sehingga wujud kemungkinan membabitkan kesalahan dari segi undang-undang sedia ada.
It was so lame, the NST didn't even bother to post it online.
note : it was reported in the hardprint, pg2

And PakLah thinks
"Now that the matter has been addressed, he hoped that it would no longer be an issue"
Addressed with a "pedas and keras" tick off?
Puh-leezzzzz............ even the lamest school's disciplinary master would be able to do a much better job than this. If you want to pretend to address the issue, pretend a bit better Lah.
btw, Kerismuddin and SIL were not even mentioned in their role for fanning the flames and encouraging the mob mentality.