Saturday, November 11, 2006

Whilst Lulu Was Sleeping, Malay Population in M'sia Grew to 65%

in today's NST report, Tok Pah says that
"Based on figures received at the last intake, only 50 per cent of Malays took up critical courses, when Malays make up 65 per cent of the country’s total population."

are the Malays at 65% yet? I don't think so...

Not many ethnic breakdown available online
US State Gov has one
People Nationality: Noun and adjective--Malaysian(s).
Population (2004): 25.6 million.
Annual growth rate: 2.4%.
Ethnic groups: Malay 50.8%, Chinese 23.8%, Indigenous 10.9%, Indian 7.1%, non-Malaysian citizens 6.8 %, others 0.6%.

TokPah's may have confused the indigenous genuine bumi-puteras as Malays.

So, Tok Pah, are you telling us that 10% of the places in the critical courses would be set aside for the Orang Asli?
What is the plan for JHEOA in ensuring this?
tell us! tell us!
Do the Orang Asli of M'sia justice, just like how the UMNOputeras insist we give them "their" share.

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Anonymous said...

He must have very poor coaches and speechwriters. But I suppose, in a country that places little importance on critical thinking(but conformity to the System), apart from rare and scant lip service, this must always be expected....even after making allowance for the persistent political agenda involved.

Yes! Tell us! :D