Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Next Time Some Bigot Tells Lulu To "Cina Balik",

can I whip up my Wikipedia list, and ask him to check if he sendiri needs to balik?

Ancestries Claimed by Malaysian Malays
It really maddens me when these racist bigots, confronted for their sins, bankrupt of explanations and morals, start screaming
"Cina Balik"

At most, I'll balik PJ. Cos that's where I was born and lived all my life.
Not China.
I will not ask you to balik Johor, or Kedah, or Kelantan, or wherever you are from.
I will not so pathetically ask you to balik Indonesia or Pakistan or wherever your ancestors came from.
I will not ask you why are you supporting and funding the Aceh separationists.
I will not ask you why you treat your Indonesian brethren so badly considering that you are of the same stock, just that you/your parents/your grandparents made it here first.

This is my nation as much as it is yours. Stop asking me to "Cina Balik".


Anonymous said...

If you dont want to balik, dont condemn so much la.

Only know to condemn, condemn, condemn.

Be the change you want the world to change to.

I think you think you are too good.

But you suck, you have no ideas.

Go home, wherever you think it should be to you.


Anonymous said...

Deniers are the ones who have no ideas, hence all the "baliks". Deniers suck because of egotism and narcissistic kneejerks indoctrinated by rote but does a dumb fish understands what's water(that it is H2O, e.g.) although submerged in it all its life?

If such deniers have the moral rectitude and fortitude of facing reality, well, they can counter with sound reasons.

Hubris is no substitute for rightousness. Hubris is just another claptrap self-righteousness.


lucia said...

condemn? we are only speaking out... and all because we love this country, the country of our birth. we belong to malaysia. we are malaysians, so don't tell us to cina balik - we don't belong to cina. we speak up because we love the country and don't want to see it going to the dog. if we do not love the country, we would not speak up at all the wrongs we see happening in our country... we'll just let it be... and think of 'balik' somewhere (out of malaysia).

we may change but the gomen didn't change, the policies didn't change, the UMNOputera mindset didn't change... so how?

Maverick SM said...

Don't worry, morons stay as morons and they can shout remarks and make calls for mediocrity, but they won't change what the world will do...crush the weak.

We may have to learnt not to throw pearls to pigs.

Anonymous said...

morons do have a lot of moronic supporters, as Saddam Hussein used 2 have until .... d time shall cometh !

... & they know it, dats where they are now clutching at straws & shooting like mad men ....

Just b careful 2 avoid their wild Xfires.

What A Lulu said...

thanks guys! much appreciated.
I didn't see the 12:18pm posting till much later as my streamyx has been acting up. think God was protecting me from having to face the harsh realities of nastiness on my own.
thanks again.
to the anon12:18, sorry i ended the posting that way. maybe it struck you wrongly. just hope that we learn to respect one another as we are all here to make this nation we love a better place for all.

MaoBi said...

I think the term you are looking for is Bugis and not Buginese :)

nyonyapenang said...

balik?? gua mia tanahair sini la.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry Lulu, God has us around to see to it that the detractors of Sanity, Truth and Reality shall be demolished thoroughly. ;)


spinnaker said...
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