Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lulu's Gotta Run

PM says implement project FAST
fast, fast, fast!
speedy, speedy fast!

How Fast?

yup! six weeks fast!

Per the circular from PWD, you need to implement the "project" which must be worth no more than RM200,000 and be completed by the end of this year. Six weeks time!

Hold it Lulu............... you're not involved. The money is only for bumiputera contractors.
Have you ever watched those "Supermarket Sweep" type of gameshows? The contestants are given a limited time to grab whatever they can from the aisle. The team which grabs the most is crowned the winner. Because of the rush in time, people just grab the most expensive items. Doesn't really make sense what the item is.
so, in this rush to implement the projects, don't be surprised if you suddenly see one of these structures in your neighbourhood

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Anonymous said...

Not only an ugly supposedly "peace pigeon" but but one eventually irrelevant to a given situation when, as in your Book, "The way to peace they know not of..."

Relatedly, another example of grotesque parody of the truth is in the NAM pigeon logo. Since when has NAM's enabling of 3rd. world tyranny and blind America bashing brought world peace? Non-alignment to honesty is what it actually is.

Exactly how does the highly touted selective fascism in local politics fit into this sort of ideal? Image without substance is officially and obsessively the national pass time of a governance that has lost it.


kittt said...


That's one ugly pigeon. I used to live there. Pot-holes, drainage problems, garbage problems, all not important.

Pigeon more important.

nyonyapenang said...

good lar. so that when people ask for direction then you say, "when you see the pigeon liao, then turn, turn and turn, you sampai lor"