Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lulu Wonders If NUJ Is Going To Take This Sitting Down

she sat down, in this very same skirt and blouse, 女記者示範坐下姿態,讓讀者評評理。(放大)
only to find there was a camera focused on her thighs.
Guang Ming Ribao reporter Ong Beng Siang said he spotted the images on the CCTV monitor in the control room next to the public gallery. “The camera was focusing on the thighs of women seated in the front row for more than 15 minutes. It is the work of a peeping tom,” said Ong, who took several pictures of the images.
The next day, the star reports

PENANG: If the dress was not sexy, the incident would not have happened.

This was Penang Municipal Council president Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan’s response to a complaint that a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in the City Hall was zooming in on the thighs of women journalists instead of council proceedings.

No apologies.
only that, as thestar puts it,
If the dress was not sexy, the incident would not have happened
"We are not saying that she was at fault for wearing a skirt, but we need to look whether there is any loophole in the dress code,"
Lulu really wonders, NUJ, are you going to take this sitting down?


Kean-Jin Lim said...

I have blogged about this too Qualified as Municipal Council President?

It is an insultation to women. In those countries which practice gender equality, he must apology in public and also end of his political life, perhaps. However, in Malaysia......

Anonymous said...

If the Latuk's mind is not obsessively disposed by conditioning in the way it is set, this bit of brouhaha wouldn't have happened.

Well, even in the national TV, in those bone dry reporting about political speeches and functions the propensity of the TV crew is always to switch to any 'attractive' members of the audience frequently. Don't think this has changed over the years that yours truly simply refused to switch on to local TVs.

What's sinister about this bit of trash utterance is the hidden intention/agenda to make everything subsequently codified - something that pleases some ppl's archaic and repressive worldview.

The way of thought control has a beginning in a small way, surely. And the ineraseable irony is that such is being promoted by those with the least inherent self-control. Obviously.

Blame is the favourite kneejerks of the uncultured* and here it's again - in the name of propriety.

*Buddha's words, actually.


Anonymous said...

what can I say, she does have nice photogenic legs.....

( now u know why a certain type of people have de highest per capita rate of ince..s in the world )?

nyonyapenang said...

if dowan to sit down, then can errr....stand 'kang-kang' abit with hands akimbo ah???

Anonymous said...

""We are not saying that she was at fault for wearing a skirt, but we need to look whether there is any loophole in the dress code," "

How expectedly pathetic! The usual NST, where the "S" stands for something else that smells bad.

Look lah for something like a hole in someone's head that maketh an airhead.

~wits0~ said...

I have blogged this at How sexist can you be

This is plainly a sexist speaking without his brain

Anonymous said...

Is the NUJ still in a comatose state?


Anonymous said...

Just look at his BS apology here:

Misunderstood - he condescends on the public's intelligence.

Transfer the officer - that one takes the fall for him. In Bolehland the top will always create convenient scapegoats in its place.

He didn't mean Melissa but in general - an open glaring admission of his Creedish misogynic ideology which cannot be wrong.

Can things be more clearly patronising than this?