Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lulu Thinnks Malaysia Has The Makings of The Animal Farm

I can’t remember exactly when I first read Animal Farm, but I remember being totally fascinated how the farm animals had degenerated.
At that point, Lulu wasn’t so chim [not that i am today either...], so didn’t see that it was an allegory of the Russian Revolution, particularly directed against Stalin's Russia.
But now, many many years later, as Lulu watches the direction the country is being taken, Lulu cannot help but see the parallels between Animal Farm and her country. Lulu's not the only one, as you can see from some of the comments on Lulu's Blog and also from other socio-political blogs.

So, starting today, Lulu is going to post 2 chapters a day of the book, and who knows, maybe at the end of it, we can discuss it.



Anonymous said...

Yes there are parallel of Animal Farm but its not quite. Its actually a combination of Animal Farm and 1984. That is why I coined the term Orwellasia.

desiderata said...

I was also of that Opinion since several years back -- Had written about it at another online medium. Hope to retrieve the copy and may update it at my cyber-home. Welcome to visit Desi's Place -- I welcome with tehtarik, plus Miss Sunthi on colde daes like today, also what I term a day of woe ~~ wedNURSEday.

minuses said...

The fiddler at it:
p.s. Had late lunch at a "halal" Chinese noodles restaurant in Telawi, met two ex-journos, one of them now a free-lance PR consultant, who said she was "so shocked" to hear the PM use the word "kafir" not once, not twice but thrice in his address to the Umno delegates.

Anonymous said...

To relish the usage of words like "kafirs" or similar is to promote the very disunity of humanity. No less. One surely gets more hole-ly with that....and it is enabled with an inchoate mind with puffed up beliefs.


Anonymous said...

r u really serious onot ? really must read again ah ? !

Anonymous said...

In Biblical reference, e.g., non Christians became known as Gentiles. In Judaism, as Goyims.

But in no way were/are unbelievers taught to humilate, mistreat and reduced systematically into defined Dhimmitude status.

Tell me if it ain't so.


Bernard said...

Err.. anonymous, gentiles are not non-christians. They are non-jews. Gentile christians are christians from non-jewish background.