Monday, November 13, 2006

Lulu Think Tourism Minister Picking Wrong Bone

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor thinks that by lowering the MAS fares for British Pound and Euro earners, it would encourage more Europeans to visit Malaysia.

Tengku Adnan said that he would ask the Transport Ministry to hold immediate discussions with MAS to lower its fares in Europe.
He said the demands of the European tourists, especially British tourists, must be taken seriously as they were among the top contributors to Malaysia’s foreign exchange earnings.

Lulu Thinks TA should focus on our religious department's wrongdoing which has reached the international press.
ABC News: Malaysia probes Muslim raid on retired American couple
Malaysia probes Muslim raid on retired American couple International News
Print Story: Malaysia probes Muslim raid on retired American couple on Yahoo! Canada News
UN-Cast News ABC Wire: 2625649
Malaysia probes Muslim raid on retired American couple - Yahoo!7 News
Khaleej Times Online - Malaysian minister placates US couple harassed by I
Malaysia probes Muslim raid on retired American couple -
Asia News : US couple mistaken for live-in' mates in Malaysia
American Couple Has Close Encounter with Shari'a in Malaysia ( Religion of Peace )

even the Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Forum
Religious Police in Malaysia - Thorn Tree Forum - Lonely Planet

See, we're infamous for our Muslim raid.
Not for our MAS rates.
It's a lot more detering to have 6 men pounding (or knocking depending on whose version you are following) on your door and demanding to inspect your condominium on suspicion of "khalwat," and having them become aggressive and asking to see the "woman" and demanding to look at your marriage certificate
This bad press, we can do without.

Instead of leaving your Deputy Minister to do damage control, why don't you take over and demand that the state religious department abide in their jurusdiction.
Yes, we do not deny your right in shariah law where khalwat is the crime of being in close proximity to someone of the opposite sex who is neither a spouse nor a relative. But the law does not apply to non-Muslims in Malaysia.
The Cabinet needs to reassure all Malaysians and all the foreign tourists that their privacy will always be protected and nobody is subjected to harassment from Islamic Religious Officers.

btw, check out the links on Tengku & Adnan. Very interesting


Maverick SM said...

You are right. The Western world in fact observing the news had thought that Malaysia is now infiltrated by Talibans.

Anonymous said...

The reduction in FDI fails to send a clear message. This will continue. Don't need a Nostradamus for this.

The empowerment of the religious police was the doing of the Tun for political gain and the constant anti US rhetorics too are treated like a right and with total abandon.

The power-that-be thinks that there's no price to be paid for such excessive indulgences. They think they can have the cake and eat it too. Such is the towering and brilliant presumption of Bolehland's "statesmen".

Just wait till Motorola, e.g., actually relocates to a neighbouring country.


Anonymous said...

It does appear that our clowns from A to Z are doing what they do best ! Bungling and there everywhere.....

This TA guy is the worst candidate to promote our country, u know why ?

Take a good look at him, critically obese and even an orang utan looks good beside him ( or is that a good thing !?)

Anonymous said...

Tourism is, by comparision, not the most honest of industries and in the Bolehlands's context especially, a particularly katok(fleecing) one. Once the image is undermined by own doing, it becomes real difficult to sell well.


lucia said...

and now we are famous for blowing up a woman with explosive meant for demolition works. yip yip hurray! visit malaysia year 2007!

Anonymous said...

And blown up, she was, not by Semtex, the commercial equivalent of military C4 plastic explosives but C4 itself. And 3 police personnels got implicated as well.

Isn't there a law and order problem now? After all the spins and obfuscations in the MSM which was (often 'cavalier-ly' treated as re snatch thieves, e.g.), Bolehland has now a real 'sensation'.

Squatgate was just almost inconsequential dessert ; it's the main course now commencing.

Can't say this isn't karmically correct or unearned for a System that functions for the gains of the elites and in pursuant of habitual expectation of great ease of governance, caring little for the trees in the name of the forest. An elitist (clearly title loving, also)society starting to reap what it sows.

This gonna bring in the easy tourist $$$$. Whoopie!


Billy said...

Remember what our PM said in his message with regard to Visit Malaysia 2007 that we were hospitable. He is right on - pounding on the doors of non-Muslim tourists at 2 am in the morning and blowing some up with C4 explosives to cover up miscalculated sexual activities.

nyonyapenang said...

wuuah, maraysia so fehmes liao.

Anonymous said...

Vely IN-fehmas ler, Nonya, see :

Squatgate Scandal/Hemy Hamisa Featured In Washington Post

Ain't that sumping?!

Anonymous said...

Hidup Humsup! Hidup Bangsat!

For these reasons tourists will come pouring in in 2007!