Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lulu Shares a Folklore from Pak Bustmann

Lulu was reading Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering Random Ramblings of A Retired Retainer a few days ago.
Pak Bustamann posted an old malay folklore which Lulu found very interesting, but Lulu, being a lulu, could not figure out exactly which current hot news brought the memories of this tale to him.
Quoting from Pak Bustamann
A village lady left her baby under the watchful eyes of her trusty and intelligent pet cat.When she came back later, she was shocked to find the baby bloodied and dead. The cat was beside the baby, its face covered with blood. Her grief quickly turned to monumental fury and she killed the cat with her bare hands.
Much later, when she was cleaning the room, she found a dead snake. The snake was mangled by bite and scratch marks. She was stunned by the realization and later by a very deep remorse. She knew now that it was the snake that attacked her baby and her cat must have killed the snake.
When Lulu saw Tony P's posting this morning, Lulu immediately thought of Pak Bustamann's tale.

The numbers from the Ninth Malaysia Plan [Chapter 16 on Acheiving Growth With Distribution] show that the incidence of poverty is 0.3% of their population, and the incidence of hardcore poverty is negligible. Amongst all the states, Umno ruled and otherwise, Penang has the lowest rate. The small little island state has indeed taken good care of their people, contrary to what some people are trying to lead other to believe.
Maybe Khairy thought "begging for projects" = beggars = marginalised = poor ?

Isn't this like the folklore?
the village mother = UMNO youth, be it Hisham, Khairy, Adnan and the whole gang
the heroic cat = Tan Sri Dr Koh and Gerakan
the snake = erhm...

IN the folklore, the mother felt deep remorse for having killed the cat which was protecting her young.
IN real-life Bolehland, would the accusers cum baseless romour mongers apologise and thank Gerakan for having kept the Malays out of poverty in Penang? Posted by Picasa

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mob1900 said...

the folklore must be 'updated' to suit modern times, in our case the cat sama-sama berjamu-selera with the snake on the poor baby.

anyway, i rather rely on a meerkat to guard the baby, local cats has tendency to choke on their furballs. lol