Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lulu Sends Out A Warning

What happened when she fell in love

The actual spot where the body was blasted. Reports indicated fragmenyts of bones & other body parts were recovered from here

and he succumbed to lust

ABDUL Razak Abdullah Baginda (tengah) dibawa keluar dari Mahkamah Majistret Kuala Lumpur, semalam sambil ditemani oleh dua peguam bela, Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah (kiri) dan M. Puravelan selepas perintah reman dikeluarkan terhadapnya bagi membantu siasatan kes pembunuhan seorang wanita Mongolia dua minggu lalu.

so, all the low-kungs and low-pors out there, all the SYTs too, if he’s married or you're married, an outside tryst could lead to this.

Don’t say Lulu didn’t warn you!


Anonymous said...

"Falling" per se, as always has a damaging consequence, no?

But in somewhat misogynistically tainted Bolehland's society the revealed suggestion was rather quickly that of blackmail. Perhaps. Yet we dunno for sure as much as we know that trying to obfuscate the name and identity of the suspect is utterly selective and nonsense.

Can say it's a blackmail case but cannot identify the suspect with a name....that's rich.


Uchu Keling said...

I am more concern on the issue of this man, having to advise the Defense Minister! What else did she knows about the Malaysian defense strategy! Ghee

Anonymous said...

First concern is how a hi-profile suspect is treated with such kid glove wrt just the revelation of his name in the MSM. e.g., like citing 'sub-judice'and Jeff's Screenshot example in Howsy's blog comments. If the police can release a name, the effette MSM must hesitate at its mention? This encourages even more speculations.


Anonymous said...

GuaGua says it is a sad day and terrible shame that befalls Malaysia. And to be told to shut up concerning this case. Which makes everybody wants to know more. Why want us to shut up ? One thing for sure. This Baginda fellow is no commoner. Sadly, he has one ugly looking wife. Sadly, he has only ONE child. These are the beginnings of his downfall. A lesson to all Malaysians. If you have to marry, marry someone whom you know will never cause you directly and indirectly to create a crime. No, it is not the fault of his wife and his daughter. It is his fault of not knowing what he really needed at that time. If we can turn back Baginda's time, we should make sure he marry someone with a model's features. And we should make sure he can carry out his Muslim duties to take on more than one wife. Then if we can change time, we can change Baginda's history. It is just too bad. Ini boleh, itu boleh tetapi kekejaman dan tidak ada perikemanusiaan itu tidak boleh.