Friday, November 17, 2006

Lulu Ponders, Is It True That Without UMNO, these CEOs Won't Be Where They Are Today?

``Selekeh sangat ke kita hingga mereka (CEO) ini memandang rendah kepada keupayaan kita. Kita dilayan umpama sampah. Mereka tidak sedar jawatan yang mereka pegang itu adalah hasil daripada usaha UMNO.
``Tanpa UMNO mereka tidak akan dapat memegang jawatan sebagai CEO.
Kita bukan tuntut projek yang berbilion-bilion cuma kita sekadar meminta bantuan yang sepatutnya daripada mereka,'' katanya sambil disambut dengan tepukan gemuruh dan sorakan daripada perwakilan pergerakan itu.
14/11/2006 Perlekah UMNO: Khairy beri amaran kepada CEO GLC

The Malaysian Professionals, regardless of race, at Promuda's discussion group have spoken strongly about the reality and implications of Khairy's outburst

"What disappoints me is that on the one hand, here we are saying that we have to get our GLCs to be world-class, with a service to the people first mentality. Then we have Khairy tell us all that we did not pick the best candidate to be CEO, merely the ones which UMNO backs. Furthermore, these CEOs are then expected to select not the best/cost-effective vendor but the vendor that UMNO chooses. " - one of the responses from the discussion on promuda_circle

Remember Lulu had said that as an investment banker, Khairy is a failure? Lets add one more into his non-resume. Head of a corporation / conglomerate. He'd be the type who would hire based on who are your connections, and afterthat, he'd expect favours from you.


Anonymous said...

Someone pissed off KJ? or is it just show? There seems to be some tension. Are there really CEOs who dare turn KJ away? Good for them...

lucia said...

bah! the son-in-law and his big mouth again!! ain't no surprise now whatever sprout out from his mouth - everything is UMNO, UMNO, UMNO. remember it is NOT wrong of him to say or do anything for UMNO!

hidup khairy! hidup UMNO!!

Maverick SM said...

Its clear that he did not get what he wants from the GLC and he uses this forum to hit them below the belt.

Anonymous said...

I saw this young chiku the other day browsing at Sony store in KLCC with Nori.

Looks ordinary and gentle without the UMNO badge.

Maybe UMNO corrupts and wearing it corrupts absolutely .....( sounds familiar ?)

That about sums up the state of our political landscape today.