Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lulu Notes That KJ Contradicts His Boss

Hishammuddin Onn in an interview with the NST dated 15-Nov

Q: Do you find this year's meeting different from previous years?
A: Yes. Issues which were deemed sensitive in the past were openly discussed by the delegates. This is a good development as it showed our young leaders are responsible in their action.
KJ in his column in the NST today

When I checked with several other more experienced Umno figures if my impression that the debate this year was no more, no less emotionally charged than those in the past, they agreed based on historical perspectives that far outstretch mine. To them, there was nothing new with the rhetoric. It had all been said and articulated before, many times over. The only difference this time around was that the proceedings were carried "live" on television.
KJ uses the basis of "same old, same old" as the basis of argument for the rest of his posting.

Now that logically begs the question: If the rhetoric in Umno has always been like this, then shouldn’t non-Malays be even more worried since this is the norm? The answer is an emphatic "no".
Other quotes from his column.
For those who are peddling around the spin that the recent Umno assembly is testament to intolerance and even racism, ...
So the fact that this happens year after year...
To understand the Umno assemblies...
The general assembly has always been...
Although there was nothing new in the intensity of the rhetoric this year,...

yah KJ, tell us about it. Your credibility reaches to the skies... in your own eyes that is.
btw, did you check with your boss if it was any different, or has his opinion changed now that the wind is blowing in the "no different" direction?

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