Monday, November 27, 2006

Lulu No Confidence in Government Negotiatiors

from the star's update Toll rates for five highways to go up on Jan 1
KUALA LUMPUR: Toll rates for five highways will go up on Jan 1 next year as the Government can no longer afford to subsidise toll increases, Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said Monday.

how did we end up in such a situation?

a quote from Aliran's Dr Mustafa K Anuar, Asst Secretary back in 21st December 2004 when semivalue announced the hike for 1Jan05
The government appears to have painted itself into a corner by making such a lop-sided agreement, which allows the highway concessionaire to periodically raise the toll rates without regard to the higher traffic volume on the highway.
It is such a blatantly one-sided agreement, which even stipulates that the government must pay hefty compensations if for any reason the toll hikes are deferred.

Lulu doesn't know which is worse - that the negotiators in the agreement were biased and had vested interest or they were just plain stupid.

if it is indeed the latter, then we're such goners come the US FTA negotiations.
Rafidah has such confidence that Malaysia won’t ink lopsided FTAs with other countries.

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Anonymous said...

Just plain vainly and selfishly stupid - is a better bet. Go, talk tough, it's already a habit, since words are cheap.