Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lulu Does Not Understand Khir Toyo and the UMNO boys

The bulldozers are definetly at work in Toyoland.

but instead of tearing this illegal istana down,
they tore down homes belonging to some 500 residents of Kampung Berembang in Ampang.

read more on it at
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Lulu knows this is very Toyoland and Umnoland, but Lulu will never be able to accept the reason why.
Why is it that the UMNO boys can boldly stand and defend and even fight to not tear down Istana Idaman, but would be silent, invisible and maybe even participants of tearing down the homes of 60 homes which if added up do not even come up to 10% of Istana Idaman.


Maverick SM said...

I observed many of these squatters are Malays or Indonesians.

Anonymous said...

my guess, is it because the residents there did not pay "taxes" like our dear zakar do?

Murai batu said...

Dengar cerita penduduk tersebut telah diberi notis dan sebelum ini telah ditawarkan dengan rumah di penempatan baru. Apa yang membuatkan mereka tidak berpindah?

What A Lulu said...

hi murai batu,
you are right about the residents being given notice to move and there was alternative housing offered.
however, the alternative housing will only be ready in april. where will they stay until then?
read more about it on,
"Kampung Berembang settlers were served with the Emergency Ordinance. They were given eviction notice even before their alternative homes were completed."
the meeting, Datuk Ramli gave assurance that he will see if they can stay there until their homes are completed in April next year.
"Just three days ago, the Shah Alam High Court has postponed their case to April 2007. Why cannot the MPAJ just wait until the court process is over or wait until they can move directly to their new homes. It is only 5 months away."

Anonymous said...

Toyohandsome is now ready to star in his own UMNOwood blockbuster where he has 20-20 vision ,with super smooth skin and 18 yr young superhero/superlady killer looks. More than enough to skin alive a few more fair Mongolian/Nepalese/Indon beauties then blow them apart with love ?

so actually he has got no time for small politiks like tearing down toothpick sheds.

btw I heard because foreigners thought we are a great movieland of handsome heroes they have now all gone to invest elswhere into more serious and hardworking Vietnam, Laos and also Indonesia, handsome toyo's forgotton motherland.....( I m not joking ok !)