Saturday, November 25, 2006

If This Didn't Happen in M'sia, Lulu May Have Had A Good Laugh

but it didn't.


Lapuran polis telah dibuat pada hari Jumaat lepas 10 Nov 2006 jam 10.30 di IPD Cheras. Bersama-sama petugas PPIM juga turut bersama En Amir Hamzah Presiden Kongres India Muslim Malaysia, Dato Paduka Saharuddin Awang Yahya Presiden Yayasan Bakti Khidmat Masyarakat Malaysia dan ahli-ahli pertubuhan berkenaan.
Perkara ini dikesan melalui aduan dari pengguna yang menyedari mengenai kewujudan lambang salib di ais krim Moo keluaran Walls yang juga disiarkan secara meluas melalui iklan di rangkaian televisyen.
PPIM juga menuntut penjelasan mengenai tujuan sebenar lambang – lambang tersebut diwujudkan dan diletakkan di produk mereka dan menggesa mereka menarik balik produk mereka berkuatkuasa secara serta merta. Ini kerana perkara yang sama iaitu penggunaan lambang salib telah dikesan digunakan pada batang kayu aiskrim Paddle Pop keluaran Walls pada kira – kira 2 tahun yang lepas. Sekiranya mereka ingin mempromosikan dan menjual produk tersebut, lambang berupa salib itu harus dibuang daripada produk tersebut.

The incriminating evidence?

Lulu's trying to figure out whether it's insecurity or ignorance which is causing them to come up with such lulu-thoughts.

It is just a cross - cross as in pangkah, not salib. cross, like a plus sign. Gosh... does this mean that everytime you see a '+' sign in your children's math book, it's a subtle way of promoting Christianity? Or that one of these days, when your kid shows you your book with a lot of crosses, are you going to storm into the school [with the keris?] and accuse her of attempting to convert your child?

Marina Mahathir calls this the propagation of the shallow and superficial, for short, the SS.
Lulu wants to add one more S to it - stupid. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Next check: Holely arse cream.


Billy said...

The next thing you will know is that they remove the alphabet "t" from all textbooks as it also represents the cross. Oh BTW when they do physical exercises in schools or in the military, they should not be stretching out their two arms as it represents the crucifixion of Christ. In fact, they should also ban Malay rock music as the genre originated from black gospel [read Christian] music.

Anonymous said...

They should not be wearing clothes made from normal spun fabrics as well since the yarns all criss-crosses at 90°. Barks and animal hides being indicated.

Nor enter any building since the reinforced concrete have criss- crossing metal rod framework in its structure.


Anonymous said...

Good wisdom ~wits0~

lucia said...

howsy and i had blog on this matter a about a week ago.

i guess thesse people had nothing better to do than to 'find fault' in the design of a biscuit.

Anonymous said...

Askum...whai Krew YBKMM...Tahniah diatas kejayaan anda. Anda adalah perjuang NGO yang hebat...syabas dan teruskan usaha anda..Dimana ada usaha disitu ada kejayaan