Thursday, November 09, 2006

Can Lulu Ask A Practical Question?

if you were were going to be remanded the next 5 days, wouldn't you ask for your spectacles instead of contact lenses?
This man asked for his contact lenses when produced in court.

Lulu never gone to prison or worn contact lenses before. But from Lulu's many years of experience gained from watching TV and reading, you need to keluarkan your contact lenses waktu tidur and Lulu would imagine that prison and the holding cell at the police lockup would not be very clean.

Unless he is getting a 1st class cell, that was not a very practical request.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone remember how convicted Abdullah Ang got special treatment - about a decade ago? This one's just a suspect only.


Anonymous said...


that is 20/20 vision on your part !

now that u mention it, we might be having a psychopath here, so demolition job is a part of his uncontrollable and considerably irresistible charms ?

We will soon have wild mongols on our backs soon !

Maverick SM said...

Lulu, he is not going to the jail. He will be at police lockup for 5 days and should be out by bail.

What A Lulu said...

lulu aware arb in lockup only.
but per the zuok detainees and the tianchua-type protestors, the pollice holding cell also not very clean.

desiderata said...


answering yr q -- the blardy prison authorities closed more than One eye by allowing abdullah ang to go lead a healthy life running an orchid farm in mantin where I believe some women-chicks were also avilable to this chicken ex-king.
The Malay mail wrote an Expose on the day before Ang's early release (with one-third remission for GOOD behaviour!) yet the prison authorities proceeded with the eraly release.

Next time in court, ask for water=bed, that guy was extended this luxury too if I recall correctly! Can you remmber back?

nyonyapenang said...

errr...pakai spectacles look old wor?

What A Lulu said...

nonya, i don't think you wanna look like a pretty boy behind bars!
welcome! welcome!

Anonymous said...


responding to ur comment.
god get ur facts right!
"women-chicks were also avilable to this chicken ex-king."?
what the heck does that mean?
don't spread silly untrue rumors about someone whom you don't know personally.