Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Azmi Sharom Speaks Up For People Like Lulu

Dr. Azmi Sharom is an Associate professor of Law Faculty, University of Malaya. In his letter which was published by the Sun, he speaks up concerning what's not right in this country.

Fear-mongers drown out genuine issues

It would be an understatement to say that the just-concluded Umno General Assembly has caused a great deal of concern among right-thinking Malaysians, regardless of race. The language by many of the delegates was disgraceful. Although the prime minister did make conciliatory gestures in his closing address, the fact remains that not one of the Umno delegates, with the exception of Markiman Kobiran, publicly said anything against such behaviour. This to me indicates that such thinking is reflective of the thinking of the rank and file and that is worrying. This is not some fringe group we are talking about here, this is Umno and it is the ruling party.
He further examines the differences between Rights vs privileges, debunking 'Threats' to Islam and reminding us of Genuine issues ignored

He ends with
It is the future of Malaysia that we should be concerned about and honest discussions about what we can do to secure that future is what we need to hear from the so-called leaders of the country. Not the scoring of cheap shots and not the obtaining of political mileage from appealing to the lowest and basest instincts of man. If we are not mature enough to rationally examine what this country truly needs, and more importantly, if the leaders of the nation are not mature enough to do this, all of us, Malays, Indians, Chinese, indigenous peoples, all us ordinary Malaysians, we will suffer.

The fill text of his letter can be found on http://www.thesundaily.com/article.cfm?id=16221


Anonymous said...

Expect the complicit MSM now to introduce plenty of trivia, aka sex scandals to attempt directing the public focus away from what's pertinent.


Maverick SM said...

I agree. But ironically, none of those who speaks up for the whole spectrum of Malaysians are UMNOs.

Anonymous said...

Umno loves only blind followers. not people like Azmi Sharom or Musa Bakri. It would rather that the stupidizing efforts in local education hasn't produced wise ppl like them but simply zombied faithfuls to their fascist cause.


toniXe said...

I have a rather simplistic view of the latest antics of the UMNO children. Getting drowned in hypothetical complex theories and trying to intepret wishy washy pseudo conspiracy theories can often lead us to a dangerously wrong path and conclusion.

Actually if we remove all our previous prejudices ( rightly or wrongly ) about these kids we will realise that they are actually quite scared and of course lost ( as usual ), as they huddled together in Putra World Centre shivering in fear from the imminent attack of an imaginery enemy.. as a result of their intrinsic inferiority complex ( which so happens to be a true feeling )which is making them react irrationally, and desperately like drowning cannot swim kids.

With the onset of Osama/Sadamisms and a revival of Islamphobia they naturally ( they always have no original ideas ) shift their games MiddleEastern wards and pretend that because they are Muslims they are under attack, even from real friends such as the nonmalays.

They now behave as desperate dying men and are clutching their potential saviours by the neck and throats even as the NONMALAYS are frantically trying to save them !

How sad.

They sooner they realise Malays are not Arabs and the other nonmalays in Malaysia are their real friends( no no not those terrorists !) the sooner Malaysia will achieve real progress.